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Andi M.

Amy, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me change my life! I no longer look in the mirror and shake my head or pick myself apart. I smile and feel successful!! Since joining PCOS Diva Jumpstart back in September I have lost 20 pounds! I look at food differently! I think about what it will do to my body, how I will feel after I eat it, and ask myself if it’s a helping food or a hurting food. I feel so accomplished for powering thru the holidays. I was able to maintain my weight which almost never happens from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I no longer feel out of control with my PCOS and infertility. I have longed to take back my life…and I have thanks to your amazing program! I now find myself talking about my PCOS and infertility struggles with many other women and it feels great to help them see that your life isn’t over when the doctor says you have PCOS.

Amy, thank you for opening your heart and life to us. Thank you for teaching me to love myself and not hide in shame. You are truly an inspiration and I feel so blessed to have found you!

– Andi M.

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