Cynthia - PCOS Diva
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Give this Program a chance, and in return you will be giving yourself the opportunity to learn, to grow, to be empowered, and to acquire the tools to beat PCOS.  Eat fantastic tasty foods and feel great at the same time while being supported by women like You! I loved that I finally did not feel alone in my PCOS. Amy is amazing, and is hands-on. Her presence is felt every day, and that is so reassuring. It is difficult for all of us with PCOS to be so misunderstood in the world, even in our own families. However, here is the place to have a voice, to be heard, supported, cared for and nourished body and soul. I loved my Jumpstart week!

Prior to Jumpstart, I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was upset with sugar cravings that were ruling my life, feeling out of sorts and ‘Hangry’ a lot. It was difficult since I was feeling misunderstood and having my very real concerns brushed aside, as if I imagined most of them. The transformation I feel now is that I am sleeping better, my brain is cleared, I feel less bloated, and armed with a great deal of knowledge. I only lost a pound on the scale, but I know that will change when I exercise. I feel loved, supported and heard. I am hopeful of the future and that feels great!

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