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I was eating very healthy. I had been to a nutritionist the week before my Jumpstart who told me my diet was “perfect”. He told me to exercise more – I was already exercising (cardio and weights) for an hour a day. I knew I needed a change, but I did not know what to do. I wasn’t losing weight and I was gaining. How could that be with my perfect diet and solid exercise? It was very frustrating. I also had higher glucose levels on my last blood tests. I knew I needed something else. The tips I have learned through the Jumpstart Program with supplements and menu changes have helped me tremendously. My glucose is back down. I don’t want diabetes, so my motivation is very high!

Through the 7 Day Jumpstart Program, I realized I needed to stop the caffeine, gluten and dairy. I was completely attached to my coffee. That was the hardest part for me. I was forced to realize I was tired. I needed to stop and take care of me and get more sleep. It was very enlightening. I don’t take enough time for me. The time I was taking for me was exercise and I wasn’t getting anywhere with that. As a result of Amy’s Program, I feel more motivated and inspired to keep going on this PCOS journey. I was feeling frustrated that nothing was working. Now I feel like I have a plan to follow to nourish my body and my mind.

My advice to other women is this Program will give you hope. You will find the tools you need to take control of PCOS and have success. It’s not just about diet and exercise. You need to feed your mind and your soul and Amy helps you do this. Self-care is such a big part of this successful journey. You will feel empowered and motivated to keep going!

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