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Erin G.

Since being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and PCOS 6 years ago and having my thyroid totally removed, I have battled finding a combination of medicines that best fit my needs. I do have a very supportive Endocrinologist that recommended Metformin along with vitamin D and B12. For years, I have struggled with Metformin and its negative side effects. To the point to where I couldn’t function by taking it even though I knew I needed it to control the PCOS insulin resistance. I also dealt with panic attacks which I contribute to hormone imbalance from PCOS and was prescribed Prozac. I believe Prozac has contributed to weight gain.

So, I needed a change and found Amy at PCOS Diva. It’s only been two weeks, but I am trying Berberine and NAC from the PCOS Diva store and I feel AMAZING!!!! I haven’t felt this good since before my diagnosis!! I replaced Metformin and Prozac with these supplements and I’m hoping that I continue to feel this great!!!! I am so much less bloated and have tons of energy! Hopefully, since I am eating better and exercising that the weight will come off too! Thank you, Amy, for your research and being my hero PCOS Diva!!!!

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