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Before I made the decision to join the 7 Day Jumpstart Program, I felt like PCOS was controlling my body and my life rather than it simply being a set of symptoms that I managed and controlled myself. I have “suffered” the many symptoms of PCOS in the past rather than taking back my power and successfully controlling those symptoms because I lacked the knowledge and tools necessary to do so.

Through the week long Jumpstart Program I have gained a new sense of hope about my fertility prospects, my overall health, and even the physical wellbeing of my husband! While I had already adopted a GF anti-inflammatory diet at the behest of my alternative healthcare provider, I was still overwhelmed by all of the different and confusing information out there about PCOS and how best to manage the symptoms. Having a clear, straightforward set of guidelines, such as Amy provides, has been tremendously empowering. The meal plans, menus, and shopping lists are particularly helpful in managing my stress, which my husband has noticed and appreciated deeply. Participating in the Jumpstart Program showed my husband how easy it is to take on healthy habits which has helped me feel much more supported.

I was given empowerment through stress-free menu planning and healthy, self-care time management. Being able to create a morning routine of self-care which includes movement, meditation, skin care, and whole foods has fundamentally altered my state of mind and my sense of control over my PCOS. Meal planning has made cooking for my husband and I a much more joyful and less stressful experience!

The PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program has been one of the very best gifts I have ever given myself! Learning to take your power back from a PCOS diagnosis, to be able to manage your symptoms through radical self-care, and having a stress-free set of guidelines for meal planning, physical activities, and just daily life scheduling is absolutely priceless! It is also encouraging to gain a community of strong women who understand what it’s like to have PCOS and who help encourage and support you through the process of taking your power back! If you have PCOS, you must invest in yourself and participate in Jumpstart!”

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