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Before the 7 Day Jumpstart, my hormones were a mess. My periods were few and far between, Metformin did nothing for me and I felt like my body was completely out of my control. It was sort of depressing. I finally made the decision to sign up for the Jumpstart Program and it was so worth it! Through the 7 Day Program I learned I liked eating wholesome, nutritious foods I wouldn’t even consider trying before. My family was excited to have new and different things for dinner each night and it was a great bonding experience. All of us feel better. I took my stepson out for dinner at the end of the program and he ended up hating what he ordered. He liked all the healthy food we ate all week. We are all better for participating in the Jumpstart.

Now I just feel so good. I thought I was doing a decent job of eating “healthy” before this Jumpstart, but being so picky about what I put in my body was just what I needed. I haven’t craved pizza, dairy, sweets or any of my usual weaknesses. I also got my period, which is like a miracle for me and as a bonus I lost a few pounds. The whole experience was awesome for me.

I was on the fence about signing up for this Program for a while, not wanting to spend the cash. It was the best money I have spent!  I feel so much better than before. You get great support from Amy and the other participants during the whole process and it’s nice to see that other people out there are having similar issues. The best part for me was bringing the whole family together for dinner each night and really enjoying the meals. We all loved the food. It was delicious and satisfying. I now believe food can heal. I will say this, you only get what you put in, so you have to commit to the cause, but the results are well worth it!

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