Holly - PCOS Diva
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Before the 7-Day Jumpstart Program, I wanted to get a better understanding of how to manage PCOS by using natural means rather than through medications. Since completion of the program, I am conscious of portion sizes and meal balance. I have a renewed excitement for cooking and an inspiration for cooking “seasonally”.

Navigating the management of PCOS can be so daunting. Just finding a doctor who is familiar with the condition is difficult, and then finding one who will discuss options for treatment outside of birth control or fertility treatments can be next to impossible. Women with PCOS have to be their own advocate. Becoming educated about the condition and the treatments is a start, but actually being brave enough to pursue a course of action outside of what most doctors prescribe is a much bigger responsibility.

Doing the Jumpstart program has been part of my journey towards taking charge of PCOS. I have already made some other changes and choices to improve my chances of conceiving naturally, but the ideas and principles from Jumpstart will be ones I can apply for the rest of my life.

– Holly

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