Jen - PCOS Diva
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I have tried every diet and weight loss program and product you can think of. I would end up spending a small fortune, feeling deprived, hungry and miserable and still didn’t lose any weight. None of the other programs that I have tried had the interaction and positive support like Amy’s Jumpstart Program. As a result of this program I found I am eating much healthier and I have started getting up an hour earlier than usual and love it…which is surprising because I am NOT a morning person. As the week went on I realized that I was feeling better and not being so critical of myself. I have a much better understanding of PCOS and that weight loss is not the most important issue. Spending more time focusing on my health has boosted my self-confidence and made me realize the importance of taking time for me. The changes have had a positive impact on my relationship as well since my husband loves the positive changes he sees in me. It really upsets him when I say negative things about my body because he doesn’t see me that way. Being more confident and positive about my appearance makes him a happy man! It’s important to learn that you can’t look good on the outside if you are unhealthy on the inside. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone with PCOS. It teaches you the supplements that you need to manage your symptoms, a very clean and healthy way to eat, how to focus more on YOU and taking care of YOU and most importantly it teaches you to appreciate how awesome you are and to be grateful for all of the wonderful blessings in your life!

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