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Before the 7 Day Jumpstart I was feeling lost and confused. I knew I wanted to do something about my having PCOS and improving my health but I didn’t know where to start. Then I found Amy and PCOS Diva. Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I started implementing movement into my life I started walking and got the courage to join a boot camp. It helped me believe that I could do some movement even though I had PCOS. I developed an attitude of I can. I attempted the meal program and used the food guide and actually enjoyed the way I was eating. I felt a fog lift and I felt like this was do-able for the first time. I feel hopeful and energized and I have a plan in place which is most comforting. At the end of the week I got my period for the first time in 72 days. I am convinced the Jumpstart Program had something to do with it.

My advice to women who have PCOS and feel lost and don’t know where to start, I strongly suggest you try the Jumpstart Program. It has given me the tools and confidence to take control of my PCOS. I have PCOS, but PCOS no longer has me. I no longer feel like a victim. I feel empowered and I have a momentum going that I am truly excited for. Give yourself the gift of hope.

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