Jolene - PCOS Diva
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I finally want to share a short testimonial about what your program has done for me:

After a couple of years of trying to have a Baby and seeing different doctors, my cycle got worse all the time and through measuring my BBT I know that I never ovulated. I had very little energy and I wanted to know what was wrong with me. The doctors suspected PCOS and wanted to put me on clomid. I wanted something that would help me with my pcos and not just get me pregnant, so i started researching and found you! I was so happy to have found a natural approach. At first it looked very intimidating to make all these changes but one day I decided that I WILL try it.

I started exercising and groceries shopping, cooking and eating like a diva. And I thoroughly enjoyed every day of it. My terrible sugar cravings completely went away, I began to feel a lot more energized and my excess weight began to disappear. When people asked what diet I’m on, I told them it’s not a diet but a lifestyle 😉 And most importantly my cycles regulated them self, I ovulated regularly and got pregnant!!!

All of this started last year in March and this year on March 31 our precious son Eric Matthew was born! Matthew means Gift of God, which he truly is! My greatest praise goes to Gods grace and wonderful leading and secondly I want to say Thank you Amy!!! for dedicating your time to help women like me and not keeping what you have learned through the years for yourself! I want to encourage every Lady out there that has PCOS! Become a PCOS Diva! It is truly worth it! – Jolene

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  1. I did the same. Changed my lifestyle but began using a program called Herbalife. The weight melted off and my cycles regulated and I ovulated regularly. March 4th 2014 my daughter was born. It is possible. Have faith that you can over come this and you will 🙂