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Kristine K.

My name is Kristine and I am 29 years old. My PCOS story really begins as a teenager; though I was not formally diagnosed at the time, with irregular periods, acne and extra hair growth. These symptoms continued in college along with my new habit of eating fast food late at night and having access to a daily dessert bar in the cafeteria.

While in college, I met my husband. We were married a month after college graduation in June 2006. In the months to follow, we moved to a new town, both got new jobs and a new house. Talk about a lot of change at once! And what did I turn to “help” with the stress? Food.
After a while, the idea of having children began to become a regular topic of conversation between my husband and I. We decided to get off birth control, but soon after I began to notice changes in myself. I started having more hair growth on my face and body and I became very aggressive. I knew something wasn’t right, so I found an endocrinologist, who through testing diagnosed me with PCOS in 2009. I was told I had high levels of testosterone and my chances of getting pregnant could be difficult. My only options given were birth control. I could stay on birth control and lower my testosterone and slow my hair growth or stop taking birth control and deal with the hormones and facial/body hair while trying to get pregnant…IF that could happen.

But in my heart I believed there was something out there that could help me, and it wasn’t a drug. I looked into homeopathic doctors and local health coaches, but none of them specialized in PCOS; I felt like they couldn’t give me the clear direction I was looking for. In the midst of searching for answers, I became easily overwhelmed and hopeless. I wasn’t sure where to begin explaining to my friends and family what I was going through.

It was 2012 and we had been married for 6 years now. We were ready for kids, but nothing was happening. I told my husband that I would like for us to try until January 2013 and if we were not pregnant, we would attend our fertility specialist appointment set for that month. I began earnestly praying the Lord would provide the resources for me to begin to heal my body. After many nights on the internet searching for answers, I came across the PCOS Diva website. After continual investigations of the website, I decided I wanted to work with Amy in the one on one coaching. We had just moved and started new jobs once again so finances were a bit tight. Amy agreed to talk to my husband and I on a phone conference to understand how the program would work. After much discussion and thought, my husband and I agreed it was time to make the jump.

Yet, if I was going to be honest with myself and with Amy, I had to admit I was still hesitant to try this coaching thing. I didn’t trust myself to make the needed changes in my life. I had tried cutting out sweets in the past and had no success. I would get so anxious going to social events where there would be sweets and fatty foods knowing I couldn’t say no. I had tried working out regularly but it never lasted.

I began working with Amy in September of 2012. I remember our first session like it was yesterday. I had finally found someone who knew what I was going through and could provide answers. I cried most of the session and afterwards felt so much peace. One of my big break throughs I had with Amy is restructuring my thought process of labeling food. I would label food as “good” or “bad” and tell myself that I couldn’t have the bad food and then play mind games with myself that lead to eating all the “bad” food I could stuff myself with. Major guilt and remorse would follow, eating me up inside. Amy taught me to take a factual account of how the “good” and “bad” food made my body feel. Once I was aware of my body and it’s reaction to the kind of fuel I put in it, it became easier to make the kind of choices that made my body feel clean, powerful and stable. I looked forward to our sessions, each time feeling more empowered and self-assured that with Amy’s strategies and help, there was hope. I was able to explain my condition to others now with full understanding and confidence. I began to realize that I could do this! I began the meal plans and loved how satisfying and good all of it tasted. I was actually enjoying being in the kitchen! I joined Jumpstart and became part of a strong community of women who daily encourage each other. Then, in late October my husband and I found out we were expecting! God had heard our prayers and had used Amy to bring them to fruition. Soon after I canceled our fertility appointment.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to work with Amy. She began the process of healing in many areas of my life; healing in my mind, body and soul. I love how Amy coached me. She met me where I was, with my struggles and all, and would give me recommendations that were tailored for me. I learned so much! I learned that if I focused on taking care of myself, it was easier to weed out the junk in my life.
My time with Amy has now ended but I know that everything I learned with Amy will continue to grow inside of me. I am permanently changed. Though I am not perfect in my eating, meal planning, exercising, and self-care, Amy has taught me that it is the daily small choices that will make the biggest impact. I just have to keep moving forward. I will slip up in moments, maybe even in days and weeks, but I now know that I CAN do this! Amy’s program has made our dreams come true; and with much anticipation, we will be welcoming our baby boy in June.

– Kristine K.

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  1. Kristine, I so enjoyed reading your experience with Amy. What a powerful and uplifting story you have shared with us. I have just started my work with Amy this month and have already been amazed by her advice and care. Congratulations on the impending arrival of a little boy!

  2. I feel so happy with your story:-) Congratulations on your pregnancy and may God bless you and your little family:-) I have been on the Winter plan (it’s almost Winter here in Australia) for 4 weeks now and have noticed a major difference in my health and mood and I’m 4 kilos lighter, Amy is an amazing woman and I am so grateful I came across her website. Good luck Kristine and thank you so much Amy:-)

  3. This inspiring story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing Kristine. I am about to start the jumpstart program and hope to have a happy ending like you. 🙂

  4. This entry is truly inspirational.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS (some doctors agree with the diagnosis but others don’t), back in 2009. Since then I have gained much weight around my belly area, suffer from depression and anxiety and I only get my period once or twice a year. Since then I have suffered a miscarriage and the doctors put me on birth control immediately afterwards.

    My husband and I recently decided that we want to try again. I came of birth control 2 months ago, hoping and praying that I would get my monthly menstruation soon but unfortunately my period has yet to come.

    I recently started to exercise again, I have stopped drinking soda and trying to incorporate some other tips listed on this website. But still no weight loss nor period. But, your message has given me hope. Your pregnant picture is beautiful. Thank you very much for this.

  5. i was so happy and also inspired with your story ..I wish it would also happen to me