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Hi my name is Kristine and I’ve been a PCOS Diva for 2 years. Since starting Amy’s program in 2012, my life has been changed forever. I began my first Jumpstart in September that year, and shortly after, my husband and I became pregnant. We were both so surprised because our current life situation was pretty stressful. We had just moved to a new state, both started new jobs and both of us had close family members who were terminally ill. We had tried several years for a child so we knew the only factor that could’ve made this possible was my new Diva lifestyle.

I went on to  have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. I learned from Amy’s program the importance of eating the right foods, getting movement in as much as I could, and staying positive.  I glowed, felt fabulous, and had amazing energy throughout my pregnancy. Many of my friends commented that the only baby weight that I had gained was in my baby bump. My mother was so afraid that I would become huge because of our family genes but to her surprise, I didn’t. I knew this was all due to my Diva lifestyle. When my son was born, he was a healthy beautiful boy who had flawless completion. One friend said she believed he looked so good because of all my healthy eating habits while I was pregnant; and I agree. Even after delivery, my body bounced right back to my pre-pregnancy weight.When going back to work post baby,  a co-worker said I looked “amazing”.

Slowly, however, life of being a new working mom and last year’s stresses began to catch up with me. The holidays were beginning which meant food was readily avaliable everywhere. I began to stress eat once again. I gained 20 lbs by the time my baby had turned one.  I looked huge in all my son’s birthday pictures and had even been asked if I was pregnant again. I thought enough was enough! I knew what Amy had taught me and I knew that it worked. I had to get back to it. The day after my son’s 1st birthday, I began to work out daily and eat like a Diva once again. I decided to once again do Jumpstart. Happily I had lost 8 lbs afterwards and was slowly getting back on track.

After Jumpstart, I once again found out I was pregnant! I have participated in two Jumpstarts and each time my body responded in a miraculous way.  Jumpstart is now a part of my life testimony; I believe that once we begin to eat right and take care of ourselves, our body has the opportunity to heal and do amazing things. We all fall off the track, even when we have the best advice and programs at hand but we can make the change! With the new year upon us, let this be the day you decide to make a change. I’m still not where I want to be but I know that even in the little changes, when made daily, make a big difference. Decide today to do something for you! If you have never done a Jumpstart, I encourage you to sign up as soon as you’re able! If you have done one, do it again. There is so much information in that week of Jumpstart, and you will always learn something new.

Happy New Years and Happy Jumpstarting!


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