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I have been following PCOS Diva for a little while and started to cut out gluten and felt a lot better from that, but I still was not seeing the results I wanted. So I finally just thought, what do I have to lose by trying this. Honestly I was trying to do everything without spending the money. It was totally worth it! If you have the money to swing it, then do it! I have several friends who also have PCOS and I’ve told all of them about PCOS Diva. It was a great program, I struggled waking up early and really making the time to prepare food, but when I did it, it made the next day especially morning so much easier. I loved it!

Before the 7 Day Jumpstart, I was trying everything and saw small changes but not as many as I wanted to. The program was so helpful in many ways. I loved getting ideas for healthy food and snacks. Since completing the Program I feel so much better. I’m not so tired and groggy everyday, my skin feels better, and I’ve dropped a few pounds. My suggestion to women who are considering participating in this program in the future is do it for yourself! You are worth it!

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