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As a result of the Jumpstart Program, I really felt like I connected with the woman that I’ve always wanted to be, not just fantasized and visualized but actually connected with “her.” A biggie for me was learning how to flow in the kitchen. I knew how to cook but it never seemed to flow for me. It does now, and it makes cooking healthy everyday possible. I love being able to use all of my produce and have none go bad at the bottom of the fridge. I have lost 5 pounds but that wasn’t even my biggest accomplishment. My biggest accomplishment was living the daily life that I’ve always wanted: controlled, consistent, and healthy with no major temptations dragging me down. I never, once, felt deprived for anything!

Prior to the 7 Day Program, my symptoms were overwhelming: weight, moodiness, bitterness, eating everything in sight and still feeling hungry/deprived with abnormal cycles. My biggest frustration was knowing what I needed to do and not being able to live it. I control my house now, instead of the other way around. The kitchen is not scary or a burden anymore. I am so much more loving to my husband and daughter. They have noticed that I have less freak-out moments now. I feel less rushed and more collected. I have lost weight so my clothes are fitting better. I have also learned that no matter what the scale says or what mistakes I’ve made, it’s not going to stop me from going out and living. I am no longer a slave to my house. I’m not perfect and it just makes me more interesting and genuine–this attitude has really helped me with my friendships. I’m not shamed or embarrassed to go out with friends and participate in church, community, etc…

In only a week I have gained the tools and knowledge I need to live a lifetime. I was born a girl and never figured out how to transition into being a healthy and vital woman. The Jumpstart program has given me the best start to living this life. I could go on and on about all of my horrible physical symptoms or about my moodiness and just feeling stuck in life, but I don’t see her anymore! I see a Diva when I look in the mirror. She’s beautiful and full of life!

– Laura


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