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Lea O.

I was diagnosed when I was 17, after having a cyst that also took my ovary when I was 12. They started me on birth control after my surgery and then added metformin, a thyroid medication (though I can’t remember the name now), and a diuretic. A few months later I started college and had already discovered that the combination of medicine simply would not work for me. Several different physicians later and after multiple attempts of saying, “But metformin makes me so sick and I cannot see the benefits of birth control because I still do not have a menstrual cycle at all” I stopped taking everything.

Leah-O-225x300My hormones, weight gain, and my mood swings spiraled out of control. It literally controlled my life. I felt horrible physically and emotionally. Last February I found your website and began to follow your lifestyle. In September I completed the Jumpstart program and I have never felt better. I cannot believe that I let PCOS control so much of my life for so long. I have almost completely regulated my hormones with no medication and I have regular menstrual cycles like clockwork. I still have about 40 more pounds I would like to lose but I never focus on that, just making one healthy decision for that day, at a time. People who knew me during those crazy hormonal years cannot believe the difference now. My attitude is always positive and my physical appearance speaks for itself. Thank you SO much for putting your experience and knowledge out there; for just simply saying you are not alone, it isn’t your fault, and there are things you can do.

– Lea O


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