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Toni W.

My PCOS journey began in 2009. After a very difficult pregnancy, my daughter Zoё was stillborn. The following months were difficult on my husband and I; we were grieving, angry, and unsuccessfully trying to conceive again. In working with an endocrinologist and my OBGYN, I received a PCOS diagnosis. I made small efforts but my ONLY intent was to become pregnant. I began taking Metformin, I started rounds of Clomid, and I ate low carb. My workouts weren’t consistent and I was constantly stressed and upset over my daughter and my inability to get pregnant again.

I returned to my OBGYN’s office when the final round of clomid failed. I recall feeling so out of control and angry. As delicately as he could he reminded me I was at my heaviest weight, my ovaries were very polycystic, and short of IVF the only thing that would help me conceive was weight loss. He set a goal of 30 pounds and I went home feeling defeated.

I began researching PCOS – reading anything I could get my hands on. A lot of it was repetitive: eat low carb-nonprocessed foods, exercise, Metformin, Clomid – I read through these terms over and over. It was very overwhelming and confusing; it was like seeing a destination and not knowing how to get there.

It was by accident I found the PCOS Diva Blog. Immediately I was drawn to everything Amy was saying. I connected with many of the emotions she had and though her ‘big picture’ included all I hoped for – she remained focused on HOW to get there. She explained why my high processed diet made me feel the way I did, how stress influences my hormones, why I had a hard time concentrating, she explained ways to exercise that would better suit PCOS symptoms, and was always available and instructive when I had a question or when I was discouraged. Even better – she was ecstatic when I began having results!

Amy’s support is unwavering; she is motivating and patient with aspiring Divas as they battle through hurdles that she has conquered. I feel better now than I ever have; I have so much energy, no depression, my menstrual cycles are becoming regular and best yet, a 27 pound weight loss. I feel like I’m eating ‘real’ food for the first time and enjoy all the new healthy habits I’ve formed. I do hope my improved symptoms lead to a healthy pregnancy, but my focus is no longer consumed by it. Not only am I in better shape physically but I’m in better shape mentally. Yes I continue to make changes for a family and for my husband – but now thanks to the PCOS Diva, I can say I’m making changes for myself too!

– Toni W.

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