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Lisa W.

I ordered the Summer Meal Plans in July and followed them for 6 weeks. I also purchased the Fall Meal Plans and just recently ordered the Winter Meal Plans. I have never been a big fan of vegetables but the recipes from these meal plans have changed my mind. I have enjoyed all the different salad dressing recipes as well! I have never eaten salad without drowning it in ranch dressing, but the vinaigrette dressings in these plans are absolutely phenomenal. I have never been good at planning meals but these meal plans are ready for you. There are shopping lists included for each week too which makes shopping so much easier and cooking these recipes is a breeze!! When I followed the PCOS Diva Meal Plans for 6 weeks straight, I felt so good. I was less irritable and I felt really good about myself. If PCOS is ruling your life, change your eating and I promise you will feel much better. These plans have changed my life!!!!

– Lisa W.

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