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Before joining Amy’s 7 Day Jumpstart I had a lot of difficulty with symptoms like facial hair, extreme tiredness, general foggy headed feeling, dizziness and erratic cycles. I have had five miscarriages between two daughters and have struggled to work out why my health has seemed to be so complicated when apparently all tests have been normal. Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am confirmed as post menopausal.

During the 7 Days I was able to notice my habits, to see what made me feel good and notice what patterns I had been sustaining that are unhelpful. I enjoyed daily yoga and felt that I was finally being kind to myself. I slept better. I felt more energized, waking early helped by getting to bed early, and created a really positive pattern for me. I felt cleaner and my mood was positive and cheerful.

The advice I’d like to give other women is it is so important to find space to take care of yourself.  The habits that are encouraged through this Program are ones that help you to be kind to yourself in every way, to gently nourish your mind and body and to help you observe what works well for you so that you can do more of it.  Amy’s Jumpstart Program is a lovely positive, non-judgmental program that you can replicate anytime you need to get your focus back on track.

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