Alexandra - PCOS Diva
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With my PCOS I don’t struggle with missed periods and I have already been blessed with children. In my case, I struggle with the emotions, bad mood swings and lately anxiety and depression. I was always tired and had headaches, so it was easy to just lay on the couch. I wanted something more for myself and my family, I wanted to live life!

Then I found Jumpstart. I found by thinking more positive it has made me happy again and, in turn, made my family happy. Also trying yoga made me realize how relaxed I feel after and helped with my anxiety. After the detox, I could feel my body begin to heal. I also realized I was feeling guilty about ‘cheating’ and now that I allow myself to indulge I don’t necessarily feel like I need to.  If you are considering participating in this Program in the future, I say take the leap! It’s so worth it! I now feel like I can do this. I know how to feel good and how to maintain that feeling in the future!

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