Lyndsay - PCOS Diva
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Prior to signing up for Amy’s 7 Day Discover Your PCOS Diva Jumpstart Program I had been trying to figure out my PCOS on my own and it was overwhelming. Now I feel amazing! The meal plans are such a crucial part of the Program. When people suggested a whole foods diet, I often wondered what that meant, but having the actual plan and recipes are wonderful. The information shared and the lifestyle changes are so important. For years I felt like I was piecing together things that may have helped my PCOS symptoms, but now I know I’m on the right track. This week was so comprehensive it helped me to feel empowered.

This Jumpstart Program opened my eyes on how to advocate for myself with my health and how to move forward in caring for myself. After over 10 years of trying to figure out how to best manage my PCOS (i.e. birth control or no birth control, dairy or no dairy, gluten or no gluten) I finally feel confident that I am ready and able to move forward!

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