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Before the 7 Day Jumpstart Program I had just assumed that medication and some exercise would be enough to control my symptoms. But it was difficult to stick to a proper routine because my energy levels were always low. At the time I had attributed this to other factors not realizing that it was probably due to PCOS and the way I was eating. My diet until the Jumpstart Program was somewhat “healthy” by conventional standards but it wasn’t suitable for someone with PCOS. I had known about the Program for some time but the idea of going gluten and dairy free was too daunting so it was about a year before I finally signed up. In retrospect, I probably should have done it earlier as the Program is quite manageable and there was no need to feel so overwhelmed.

After the Jumpstart Program, I have noticed that my energy levels have increased and the quality of my sleep is much better. I’ve also noticed that my tastes and cravings have changed and that I love eating a lot more vegetables and greens while my sugar cravings have been largely non-existent. I gave up several things like processed foods, milk, and sugar much faster than I thought I’d be able to. Overall, I feel my mood is much better because I love the food I’m eating. I’m also more physically active and sociable because I don’t feel tired all the time and hence there’s no need to “preserve” energy just to get through the day.

Jumpstart has changed my approach toward PCOS and food. Amy’s holistic approach has equipped me with the tools and strategies I need to live a balanced life. This is an amazing program for all women with PCOS and is quite feasible irrespective of where you live.

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