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My life has been a complete struggle emotionally and particularly health wise. Having survived a rough and abusive childhood, my body held on to weight as protection, and I developed PCOS. I have 3 older sisters, and they are all slim and the appropriate body weight. As I approached my teenage years, I developed and began seeing all the signs of PCOS. No doctors in Kenya knew what my PCOS was or showed any concern and neither did my family. I began to become obese, and it was brushed aside as either baby weight, laziness or love for food. Being always surrounded by negativity and disapproval was a factor in having zero self-esteem for most of my life. As a solution to any of my issues, I was always given chocolate to make everything ok, and that is what I learned.

We moved from Kenya, and as the years went by, my weight increased, my facial hair increased, and I started losing scalp hair a lot. I began to research on the net about my symptoms. I found a site called Insulite Labs that had me take a test, and I answered “yes” to 13 out of 15 questions on their quiz. Recognizing a problem, I got tested and was diagnosed with PCOS. I tried a multitude of things to get my PCOS under control. From taking the birth control pill, to taking 18 pills a day with the Insulite system, Atkins, paleo, and working out about 3-4 hours a day, I tried everything. Despite all that, my condition stayed stagnant, and I was completely frustrated. My body was always feeling fatigued. The brain fog was insane; I always forgot things, and emotions, stress and anxiety were always on a high. I suffered from very poor sleep. I was completely disappointed and had lost all hope of managing my PCOS, and all hopes of reaching my health dreams and goals were slowly vanishing.

I had been following Amy’s PCOS Diva page for a least two years when I finally decided to do the Jumpstart program after a couple of private coaching sessions with her. I have to say that I have never experienced so much joy and complete self-love in my life as I have in this one week of Jumpstart. I felt myself transforming in ways on a daily basis that I still cannot even believe. My family members and friends I interact with daily also noticed the change. From the self-care routine, to the cooking, to enjoying how good I feel with the foods is incredible. I feel powerful, in control, sexy, womanly, energetic, and I am absolutely loving myself and loving life. I could see and feel my body and face changing every day. I was still surprised that only 7 days can make a huge difference in my life. Jumpstart gave me hope, taught me to absolutely love cooking, that I am worthy of taking complete care of myself, and feeling ultimately fantastic. The Diva inside me is thriving; she’s breaking all the walls around her and emerging with more power and force than I ever thought I was capable of possessing. Jumpstart was the best thing I ever did for myself!!! I am going to continue to whole heartedly embrace this lifestyle!!!! I have PCOS, but PCOS does not have me, and it never will from this point on!!!

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