Pattie - PCOS Diva
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I would like to share hope. I’m only on day 8, but I have more hope now then ever before. This isn’t a diet program so if that’s what you are looking for save your money, this is so much more. This program gives you the tools you need to truly start learning what works for your body. This program is really chalk full of self discovery. This program is hard work, but coming from someone who is an avid Starbucks drinker and never gone gluten/dairy free before, it’s completely doable and so worth it!

I joined Jumpstart because my weight was out of control and I know it was due to hormones. I was tired of feeling like I’m being judged based on food descisions (as if I only lived on junk food), when I know it’s so much more. It was very refreshing finding this program and to know I’m not alone. My goals were to get my PCOS under control so within 6 months we can start trying for another baby.
I’m looking forward to discovering what foods do and don’t work for me. This program gave me the tools I need to tweak my diet and find what works for me. I’m looking at this as if my journey is just beginning, and I am excited about the future!

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