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The Jumpstart Program is the best thing you can do to start to take control of your PCOS. If you are lost, overwhelmed, tired, or depressed because of your PCOS symptoms, I really think this is the first step to take. It is so empowering to gain the knowledge about PCOS and make all the connections you never made as to why you feel the way you do. The amazing part is you CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU FEEL by incorporating the right foods, eliminating certain foods, and really taking control of your health. Amy’s program gives you such support and really lays everything out for you to succeed. I feel like finally I can overcome my symptoms and improve my health. I already see a change in my energy levels and feel so much more clear headed, the fog is lifting and I feel so much better than I did just one week ago.

Because of the Jumpstart Program and the 101 Guide, I scheduled my first doctors appointment in over a year and requested the specific labs Amy suggested. If it weren’t for those tests, I would not have known I was severely deficient in Vitamin D, which has some really serious results if not optimized. I was also told that if I stuck with the path I was on, I would have a heart attack by age 40. I am almost 30 and to think I may only have 10 years to live, scared me so much and I knew I needed to make a change! I am so thankful to this program for being the start to this new lifestyle! I truly feel empowered. My goal was to gain knowledge about PCOS and what foods trigger symptoms, and what foods are PCOS friendly. I gained that and so much more. I feel like I can definitely stick to a PCOS friendly diet and start exploring new foods and cooking more. Thank you Amy!

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