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“Before the 7 Day Jumpstart I had spent 15 years looking for answers and finding only defeat and confusion.It seemed the harder I tried, the worse my symptoms got. What worked for my friends and family never worked for me. No matter how hard I worked out the only thing I ever lost was control over my appetite.

No matter how I restricted my diet I just gained weight. I tried all kinds of things that only made things worse. I got by on a regimen of pharmaceuticals that each treated an isolated symptom, but invariably created new ones. Over the years my symptoms—fatigue, depression, weight gain, insulin resistance, painful/missing/heavy periods, brain fog, hair loss, hirsutism, infertility—just got worse and worse.

And then there’s how I felt—I woke up every day feeling awful and exhausted before I even got out of bed. I felt like I was going through life in a cast-iron suit. My brain seemed like it was full of tar. My body was my enemy and every day was a battle. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t look like myself. I couldn’t play with my kids the way I wanted to. I was grumpy with my husband, too tired for my friends.

I felt like PCOS was holding me hostage—keeping me from doing the things I wanted to do and from being the person I want to be. Through the 7 Day Jumpstart I found the balance I’d been lacking and the tools to put the new knowledge Amy offered into action immediately.

Almost exactly one year before I started Jumpstart I was extremely ill. After being hospitalized twice in a month, I was so weak I couldn’t dress myself for weeks. After doing Jumpstart, I feel fantastic. After breakfast and supplements in the morning I feel full awesome. I’m going to have to start exercising more strenuously to burn off some of this energy! I can’t even tell you what a miracle that is. My skin looks like it did when I was 10 years old. I’m suddenly a morning person. I’m craving sauteed spinach and breezing past the soda, doughnuts and candy bars at the store. My digestion has become amazingly regular. I’m losing strands of hair instead of handfuls. My mind is clear and sharp for the first time in years.

I am totally empowered with the knowledge I need to made food choices without being overwhelmed. I can easily explain to people what I need to feel good. My anxiety and depression have lifted completely. I’m sleeping better. I feel like I moved into an entirely new body. I can tell from how my body looks and my clothes fit that I’ve lost about 10 lbs.

I was always so sad/perplexed/upset that I couldn’t lose weight on the diets that worked for my friends and family. Now, I feel like, “how awesome is it that what works for me is nourishing, self-affirming and energizing—the exact opposite of a diet?” And what a wonderful blessing to learn that what optimizes my body is loads of rich, vibrant, delicious food! I’ll never invite the diet, deprivation or denial into my life again.

Amy’s recipes are divine—they are all so rich and vibrant. I can feel that this is exactly the kind of food my body has been asking for. A couple days into eating this way I thought to myself “this is exactly the feeling I’ve been chasing all those years with junk food.” I feel like I do after a huge binge of sugar or carbs—except stable and clear-headed—and it lasts. I don’t feel fatigued and foggy. I have so much energy. And as an added bonus my family loves eating this way too. You know a recipe is good when your toddler begs for second helpings of kale and lentils!

After years and years and years of searching for an answer for PCOS, feeling disablingly awful for so long, and trying so many difficult (and useless) things, I am still amazed at how easily this happened. In just a few days my worst symptoms just magically melted away.

Part of why it was so easy is that Amy did all the difficult learning, research, trial and error and planning for me. That’s what made it sustainable—the fact that Amy created this turnkey solution. It’s one of the most generous, wonderful, life-changing gift anyone’s ever given me.

What a contrast from a year ago! I really can’t wait to see how I feel one year from now. I plan to eat this way the rest of my life. I don’t have everything down perfectly, but I’m well on my way and thrilled about it.

If you are on the fence, take a chance on this. Jumpstart is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s a sure-fire way to reduce your symptoms by doing things that are nourishing, self-affirming and energizing.

There are so many people out there taking advantage of women who are desperate to feel better. I found Amy to be the exact opposite. She is so sincere in her desire to help. Her solutions are born of real experience combined with meticulous research and legitimate training. Her services are incredibly reasonably priced and she is really generous with her knowledge and time.

It’s never easy to make big changes, but Amy makes it about as easy as it could possibly get. She’s done all the research. She’s tested the recipes. She’s made the shopping list and planned the meals. She’s waiting to answer the million questions you have along the way. For every bit of effort you put in, Amy puts in twice as much effort on your behalf. It’s still challenging, but it’s about as easy as it could get!” – Sarah H.

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