MENU PLAN January Week 1 - PCOS Diva
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MENU PLAN January Week 1

A Diva Sizzles in the Kitchen!  If you don’t cook and you have PCOS, it is critical that you start.  I love this quote from Joshua Rosenthal, “Cook like your life depends upon it, because it does!”  Learning how to cook clean healthy meals is truly your first step in the healing process.  I bet you will find that the act of preparing a meal from fresh healthy ingredients is as good for your soul and it is for your body.

If you haven’t taken advantage of my free PCOS menu plans -isn’t it time to start?   Every Sunday I sit down and plan out my dinners for the weekday and my Monday grocery shopping list. For more meal planning tips check out my posts about how I go about meal planning.   You will only see weekday dinner menus because weekends usually call for more flexibility in my house.  We often have steel-cut oats on Sunday for supper and I typically make a roast chicken/pork tenderloin or some other type of meat on Sunday afternoon so I can have leftovers for lunch during the week, as I usually “automate” breakfast and lunch and have the same few foods or leftovers every day.

I get my recipes from a variety of sources but this week you can find them on and  I have linked the recipes for you.  You will notice that Mondays are usually  “Meatless Monday” in my house – it is a wonderful way to add more plant food to your diet.

MONDAY – Navy Bean Soup I have a leftover nitrate free organic ham from New Years and am going to use the bone to make this soup. I will serve it with a slice of Ezekial (Click for more info about this bread) or Udi’s gluten free bread and a salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing.

TUESDAY – Shrimp Fried Brown Rice – (10 pts) The recipe calls for white but use brown instead.  Also add extra veggies like broccoli, red pepper, bean sprouts, really anything you want.

WEDNESDAY – Almond and Lemon Crusted Fish with Spinach.  (6pts) I will also serve this with some roasted winter squash.

THURSDAY – Cornmeal Crusted Chicken Nuggets with Blackberry Mustard.  (4pts) My kids like Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato fries and I’ll also serve with broccoli and carrots.

FRIDAY – Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili – (8pts) I will make a light coleslaw and some gluten-free cornbread to round out the meal.

Share some of your favorite PCOS friendly recipes this week in the comment section.  Here’s to cooking and eating well in 2012!

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    1. Ginger – thanks for your addition. I love acorn squash and always wonder what to do with garbanzo beans besides hummus.

  1. I tried the navy bean soup last night. Very good! I substituted turkey legs for the ham hock since I don’t eat ham.
    I’m curious, what is your take on having a glass of wine every now and then?

    Thanks fir posting your meals!

    1. I think red wine is fine every now and then. I like Our Daily Red which is organic and sulfite free. I probably have 2-3 glasses a week with a meal – don’t drink without food because it will wreak havoc on blood sugar. Resveratrol in red wine may actually be very beneficial for PCOS. I just finished the soup for lunch today. Nice substitute with the Turkey leg!

  2. I could not agree more that the core of healthy eating is learning how to prepare food. Restaurants just aren’t your friend, and probably never will be unless we become a communist state where what restaurants can sell will be regulated! It ain’t gonna happen so get in that kitchen and start throwing a few things together!

    Author, The PCOS Diet Plan

    1. Hillary-
      Thanks for your comment. I am beginning to think that healing begins in the kitchen -in more ways than one. It can actually be very therapeutic to slow down and cook your own meals. BTW , I am really enjoying your book The PCOS Diet Plan. It is a great resource for women with PCOS. I hope to post about it soon.

  3. I’m not sure if you can really call these meal plans. It just seems that you are listing main dishes for each day of the week. While I appreciate the receipes, I am hoping to find a good, balance meal pan for women with PCOS. Something that lays out a good breakfast, lunch and dinner and allows for substitions. I found the meal plans in the The PCOS Diet Solution to be odd and have you eating weird things for breakfast such as cabbage wraps and fish. I am search for a sensible balance meal plan because I get bored with my usual breakfast and lunches. Dinner is never a problem to come up with easy, balanced meals but breakfast and lunch seem to stump me…maybe because i’m so picky!

    1. You are right, these posts are more of a dinner menu plan. I thought I would share what I eat for dinner as I typically “automate” what I eat for breakfast and lunch, which makes it easier for me to make good choices. Check out my previous posts for breakfast ideas; I’ll have Ezekial Bread with nut butter and a piece of fruit, or Ezekial Bread or Udi’s Gluten Free bread with eggs and some fruit, steel cut oats, yogurt parfait or a smoothie. Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner or a salad with some protein. Dinner is the meal in which I try to add a lot of seasonal variety. I do agree that the PCOS Diet Solution meal plan is a bit odd, if you read my review that was the problem I had with the book as well. I like Hillary Wright’s THE PCOS DIET PLAN and am working on a review of it now. It has solid meal options.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog. I LOVE it! Just what I have been looking for. I was just diagnosed a few weeks ago at the age of 32 just when we have been trying to concieve. It took me forever to find Mr. Right and now this stumbling block. I have completely transformed my diet and started working out just about every morning. My face has already started clearing up. The first couple of weeks weren’t too bad but I am now losing creativity and motivation for planning meals. I am starting to get the hang of it but I feel I have so much to learn. I am still looking through all of your posts but do you eat any dairy? I have eliminated caffeine as well but I am craving a good cup of coffee. Do you consume caffeine? I can’t wait to try some of your recipes!!!

    1. Hi Becca-
      So glad you found my blog. The positive thing is that 32 is still young and a some scientists think that women with PCOS may remain fertile longer because of missed ovulatory cycles during their reproductive lifespan. Good for you for taking control of your diet. Sometimes it is hard to make lots of changes at once – so don’t get discouraged if you slip from time to time. I try to practice the 90/10 rule.

      I don’t eat much dairy. Generally I don’t think dairy is all that great for me. I eat a bit of cheese now and then, maybe some milk in a creamy soup and perhaps some ice cream for a special treat. I also don’t eat too much wheat/gluten. I feel much better when I am not eating gluten. I have read that eliminating gluten helps with fertility. I try to avoid caffeine because it causes anxiety for me but I do drink green tea (it doesn’t affect me the same way) and I do drink decaf coffee in the morning. Also think about going for acupuncture. It will help your fertility too! Feel free to post more questions. Good luck!

  5. I also wanted to say how much I love your blog. It’s great to be able to find all this information in one place from a trustful source. I find myself a bit overwhelmed by all the different things I read about how to manage PCOS, especially as it seems that a lot of medical professionals who should know alot about PCOS don’t. I’m 31 and lost my left ovary to a 9kg cyst in October. I’m now petrified that I will lose the other before I am able to have children. I have always been at war with food and I’m desperate to lose weight. I know what I should eat and I enjoy healthy food, but sometimes my appetite and sugar cravings take over. Thank you for putting this information together in such a useful way, you are a blessing to us all.

    1. Katherine-
      Thanks so much! I have been there too and have been able to conquer my cravings and food is not an issue for me anymore. I know how hard it is and want to help other women with PCOS find peace with food too. I am going to be a Certified Health Coach later this year and will be seeing clients soon. Conquering your cravings is something that I will be able to address. If you are interested in more information feel free to email me –