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What is a PCOS Diva?

When I started taking care of myself instead of everyone else, my husband started calling me a “diva”.  I realized that that is what it took in order for me to heal myself,  regain my fertility, femininity, health and happiness. The experience of having a healthy little daughter 2.5 years ago, truly launched PCOS Diva. My daughter may inherit my PCOS genes and if she does, I want her to know that having PCOS is not the negative thing I once thought it was.  It is an opportunity to live life as a “PCOS Diva”! I have spent a lot of time reflecting on what it means to be a Diva. Here is what being a PCOS Diva means to me. Please add your PCOS Diva definitions in the comments below!

A PCOS Diva is a “goddess” of good health. Only clean whole foods go into her “temple.”

A PCOS Diva’s mantra is … “I have PCOS, but PCOS doesn’t have me.”

A PCOS Diva sizzles in the kitchen.

A PCOS Diva doesn’t feel sorry for herself. You cannot be pitiful and powerful at the same time. They are incongruent emotions.

A PCOS Diva is high maintenance. For her, internal maintenance is as important as external maintenance. She feeds her spirit by meditating, journaling, deep breathing, listening to words and music that make her happy or reading a great book. Just like she shops for the perfect pair of shoes, she searches for sources of inspiration.

A PCOS Diva by definition is a goddess, a prima donna, the first lady of her life. She doesn’t come in second to what she sees on TV and in magazines, what others say about her and what she feels she “should” be. She embraces who she is right now!

A PCOS Diva liberates the parts of herself that are contained, repressed, unhealthy or that make her feel small, ashamed, or forgetful of her personal power.

A PCOS Diva knows its “all about me.” Acting in your own best interests isn’t selfish. It is the only way to truly honor yourself, decrease your PCOS symptoms and increase your well-being.

A PCOS Diva defines her own journey she doesn’t let PCOS define it for her.


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  1. Dear Amy, thanks for your time to share all those inspirations and information. Through a difficult emotional moment I’m living right now, your blog will help me get back in track, live the life to its fullness. God bless you and your family, and all the Divas out there! Thank you for posting the menu plans, I’ll definetely be looking for it every week! Keep taking good care of yourself, and thanks for taking care of the others too!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I know this isn’t the right section for this question but i wasn’t sure where to look!
    Please can i ask why its so hard for people with pcos to lose weight? I wish more people knew how hard it was then maybe people would stop looking at you like you’re just big and lazy! It makes me so cross, i work 9 hours a day with kids so i’m not lazy! I started exercising 2 months ago and although i’ve lost 24.5 inches off my whole body, i’ve gained 2kgs! I would love to know why!
    Thank you very much