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A Conversation with a PCOS Practitioner – Dr. Katherine Sherif [Podcast]

Dr. SherifIt isn’t often that I hear rave reviews about a PCOS practitioner.  I certainly hear lots of horror stories, so when I repeatedly hear wonderful things about a doctor who has a wonderful bedside manner, and treats her PCOS patients with kindness and respect, I have to take notice.

For the past several years, I kept hearing great things about Dr. Katherine Sherif, so I invited her to join me on a PCOS Diva Podcast.

Katherine Sherif, M.D. is Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  She is also Director of Jefferson Women’s Primary Care.

Dr. Sherif, an internist, became interested in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in the 1990’s when she was studying insulin resistance.  She started treating women with PCOS and in 2000, she established the country’s first academic program for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Besides PCOS, Dr. Sherif interests include menopause and hormone therapy, omega-3 fatty acids heart disease in women.  She published a textbook on women’s health in 2008, and a medical handbook on hormone replacement therapy in 2013.

In the podcast below, Dr. Sherif walks us through typical visit with one of her PCOS patients.  She also shares her thoughts on fatty liver and using supplements to manage PCOS.  You’ll want a pen and paper ready to take notes!

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Sherif you can reach her office at  215-503-4779.


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  1. So am I understanding right that she recommends 1000mg each of EPA and DHA?
    Nordic Naturals is the only one I can find that goes that high and it’s very expensive.
    Any suggestions?

  2. I have been struggling with symptoms for years and only after I demanded further testing and a ultrasound was I diagnosed, my body has been going through some changes, I feel like I am alone and no one understands me or what I’m going through.

    1. Oh, Denise. You are not alone! PCOS Diva is a community of women who understand the helpless feelings that can surround your diagnosis. There is hope! Get on my mailing list, so you can start the 7 Day Jumpstart program with us. You will be feeling better in no time.

  3. Hi, I am trying to find a doctor for my daughter. I have a negative experience with few doctors that are only prescribing birth control pills. Do you know if this doctor is ready to try alternative approaches. I did not get from her presentation if she uses supplements with birth control pills or as an alternative. Also does she deal with non insulin resistance PCOS.

  4. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Sherif! I LOVE her! She gets it. All the things about PCOS other doctors think we are imaging or assume its self-induced. SHE GETS IT!!! I am a patient of hers. I waited months for an appointment and a drs recommendation. SO WORTH IT!!! She has the best bedside manner and she wants us to feel good about ourselves. She gets that you cheat time to time. Don’t beat yourself up she says!!!! Since seeing her 6 months ago she has helped to get my hormones under control with meds. Not 100% yet but I am on my way. Listen to what this lady has to say!!! The only regret I have is not finding her before my fertility options became zero.