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Beyond the Food Gifts: Lavender Linen Spray

photo (9)My family and I love to give homemade gifts.  I find that they are often the most thoughtful and cost effective way to give gifts to teachers, neighbors and loved ones.  Before my PCOS Diva transformation, these gifts were almost always fudge, cookies or some sort of sugary confection. While these goodies were well received, I certainly ate almost as much as I wrapped! To be honest, neither I nor the gift recipients really needed any more sugar during the holidays!

Now, I give another sort of indulgence.  The gift varies, but it is always something that the recipients can use to take time for out for themselves, luxuriate and feel terrific.  In years past, I have given bath salts, sugar scrub or another bath time pleasure.  This year, my family chose Lavender Linen Spray!  To see last year’s Relaxing Bath Salts click here.

I love to spray this scent on pillows, bedding, towels, or the air.  Lavender is known for its soothing and relaxing properties, and the light scent helps me drift gently into sleep.  It is my hope that the people that receive this spray will take a little “Diva” moment, refresh, relax and rejuvenate.  Who couldn’t use that during a hectic holiday season?


Makes 4 ounces

You will need:

Small jar with tightly fitting lid (for mixing)photo (10)

1 ounce (2 tablespoons) cheap Vodka

10 drops lavender essential oil

3 ounces (6 tablespoons) water

Small funnel

4oz spray (gift) bottle (see source below)

Labels (see source below)


  • In your jar, combine the vodka and the lavender essential oil. Place the lid on tightly and shake well for 15-20 seconds to combine.
  • Add water, replace the lid and shake.
  • Use a funnel to pour the mixture into bottles.
  • Be sure the bottle is clean and dry, and then apply your label.


Bottles –

Labels –

Recipe – Back To Her Roots Lavender Linen Spray

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