Cutting Edge Research for PCOS: Interview with Dr. Dumesic
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Cutting Edge Research for PCOS: Interview with Dr. Dumesic [Podcast]

Dr. DumesicMost women with PCOS struggle with reproductive as well as metabolic issues including obesity.  Questions about how the two might be related are the center of Dr. Dan Dumesic’s work.  I was fortunate enough to interview Dr. Dumesic and ask about his research and recent findings.

Listen, and you will learn about:

  • How reproductive and metabolic issues may be intertwined
  • Dumesic’s cutting edge research at UCLA examining PCOS in lean women to determine the link between androgen excess and body fat
  • Possible anti-androgen medication to treat PCOS
  • How location of fat in your body can effect different areas of your health
  • What is fatty liver?
  • Medications available, in addition to lifestyle changes, to improve your health
  • The risk of obesity damaging the long term health of a child

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Dr. Daniel Dumesic is a Professor and Division Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility in the department of Obstetrics and gynecology at UCLA.  As a clinical researcher, he is on the front line of PCOS research, dedicating his time and career to advancing research in this field.  He has a demonstrated record of successful and productive research projects regarding aspects of metabolic diseases and their negative impact on female reproduction, including more than 145 publications in the field of reproductive endocrinology.


For more information about Dr. Dumesic’s current PCOS study visit

For more information about Dr. Dumesic’s practice and to make an appointment at the UCLA OB/GYN visit

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  1. This fascinates me! Diagnosed at 17 (my now MIL teased me about my hairiness badly enough that I asked my doc if there was medicine to stop it! which led to Dx) , I was always lean and never needed to watch my weight! I had energy and a lean build. Fast forward….now 31 and full blown PCOS. I ignored this Dx for years due to denial, and lack of the obese factor. Bad Idea! My symptoms have crept up on me and now I have the full plethora of the syndrome. Including some weight gain that happened well after the birth of my miracle baby. Ofcoarse every doc has a different idea of what the root is and how to treat. Thank you Dr. Dumesic! This gives me hope that my miracle baby (7 years old) may have a chance at avoiding/combating this nasty beast!