Reduce Inflammation and Your PCOS Symptoms

Reduce Inflammation and Your PCOS Symptoms [Podcast]

Dr Gersh PCOS SymptomsIf you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you have chronic body-wide inflammation.  Recently, I spoke with Dr. Felice Gersh, M.D., a leading expert on the subject.  Dr. Gersh is one of the top integrative gynecologists in the United States and an expert in the field of PCOS.  Her philosophy involves looking at a patient’s whole being in order to help them achieve optimal health.  She believes that doctors don’t heal people; they merely help patients resource their own healing abilities and find the right balance in their bodies, ideally through the right mix of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.  In our recent interview, she delivered cutting edge information about PCOS and its causes as well as practical advice on how to begin healing.

Listen and you will learn:

  • How gut inflammation is the root of many of your toughest PCOS symptoms
  • The 5 steps you need to take today to reduce inflammation
  • How to protect your children from PCOS starting even before birth
  • Whether a hysterectomy will cure your PCOS
  • How to monitor your inflammation levels

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Dr. Gersh is one of only a small number of fellowship trained integrative gynecologists in the nation. She blends the best of the world of natural and holistic medicine with state of the art functional and allopathic medical treatment. Because of her extensive knowledge of the complex inter-relationships of the body’s organs, she recognizes the need to investigate all aspects of health, always working to re-establish a healthy gastrointestinal tract, adequate sleep, good mood, great nutrition, high energy, and balanced hormones.

Expert in all areas of women’s health, and particularly of gynecological and reproductive matters, Dr. Gersh deals in an integrative manner with such uniquely female issues as polycystic ovary disease (PCOS).

She is currently writing a book on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and writing a chapter on the same topic for a medical textbook.

You may contact Dr. Gersh at:

Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, 4968 Booth Circle, Suite 101, Irvine, California 92604


Phone: 949-753-7475
Here is a list of Dr. Gersh’s go-to inflammatory tests for PCOS women:
F2 alpha isoprostane
Oxidized LDL (oxLDL)
Omega 3 Index
hs CRP

For more information about the Cleveland HeartLab check out:

You may contact them at:
855-358-9828, option 1
 Their new educational website, available to both the public and practitioners is:
During our interview, I promised to post 2 articles about healing your GI tract:

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  1. WoW! So much information. The information I get on a daily basis for PCOS are what are causing my inflammation. Lol I have this discussion about my gut. I never thought about inflammation, I just thought it was fat. But it makes sense why I sometimes feel so full when I eat protein. Even if its not a lot of food. I have always felt like I feel fuller. I have lost 40 pounds but i feel like SO much of my weight is in my still in my gut. More than the 60 I thought i had left. Thanks for this interview!

  2. Thank you for this fantastic interview. I found it very informative. Would you list out the different alternatives Dr. Gersh recommended at the end (instead of traditional drugs, use ___). I cannot seem to get the spelling close enough to do a google search. Thank you!

    1. Her 4 nutraceuticals were:
      1. Berberine, which works better than Metformin
      2. N-acetyl cysteine, which at the right dose helps you ovulate
      3. Myo inositol, sometimes blended with D-chiro inositol
      4. Glutathione

      She also said to change your diet to low carb, high fat. Amy has a lot on some of these nutraceuticals on this site. Hope this helps.

      Wonderful interview and list of tests!!! Please have Dr. Gersh talk about hair loss due to PCOS!! I cannot get mine to stop or slow down!!

      1. Thank you, Heather, I greatly appreciate it! Sweet of you to take the time to respond.

  3. It was encouraging to feel what passion Dr. Gersh has for understanding and treating PCOS. Such a wealth of information. If someone could refresh what did she say were the 5 steps to reduce inflammation. I assuming it’s having a healthy gut, low carb dieting. What other three did she mention? I’ve listened to a few podcasts today and tried to take notes but I think I’m having information overload.

    1. I am working through transcribing the expert interviews. This one is high on my list. Stay tuned!