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Discover Your Diva Presentation

This past September, I had the honor to speak at the The PCOS Foundation Symposium.  There were many Divas in the audience and it was wonderful to chat with women who are thriving living the PCOS Diva Lifestyle.  The Foundation asked that my talk help inspire and empower women with PCOS to take control of their health.  For those Divas who were not in attendance, I am posting my 30 minute presentation below.  Be sure to view the slides that go along with the presentation.  Enjoy!

If you cannot view the presentation above, click here:

Matcha Tea for PCOS

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  1. I am so glad you posted this! I was so sorry to miss your talk in Houston — I would have liked to thank you in person and tell you how much I appreciate all the resources, support, and information you make available to those of us with PCOS. Like you, I have a family of five, and I couldn’t get away to the symposium that weekend because of family obligations. But I was there in spirit! I hope you felt welcomed and appreciated in here Houston – because you are!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Lesley. I had a lovely time at the conference, so many warm faces and welcomes. Hope you enjoyed the presentation!