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If TTC – Tune into the Fertility Focus Telesummit

Fertility Focus TelesummitThe Fertility Focus Telesummit began yesterday April 27th and runs through May 4th.  I’m honored to have been invited to speak about PCOS on Tuesday April 29th at 5PM EST.  This telesummit has some wonderful speakers who take a mind, body, spirit approach to managing  fertility.  It really is a must-attend event if you’re dealing with fertility issues, whether you have been trying for a baby for just a few months or several years.  I really don’t want you to miss out if fertility solutions and support are important to you, so here’s your last chance to register and catch all of the remaining presentations for free!    Click here to register

I know I am looking forward to learning these points and more from the featured speakers –

  • Discover why the thoughts you have about your fertility may be impacting your chances of having a baby far more than your diagnosis.
  • Learn the importance of reconnecting with and trust in your bodies fertility, especially when you are over 40 or have experience one or more miscarriages.
  • Experience a simple technique that when practiced daily, can improve your fertility and quality of life while trying to have a baby.
  • Optimizing fertility over 35
  • Know your 3 key fertility signs.
  • How to create a healthy mindset for IVF
  • Experience a guided hypnosis session to help you prepare for IVF (or other medical) treatment
  • Body/Mind/Spirit approaches to improve fertility
  • Discover the extremely effective technique of EFT for all the emotional aspects of your fertility.

If you would like to join us, you can still register here.




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