Just When You Thought PCOS Supplements Couldn't Get Any Better
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Just When You Thought PCOS Supplements Couldn’t Get Any Better- Super D!

Introducing… Super D!

PCOS-Diva-Super-DWhen the PCOS Diva store opened, I was proud to offer a powerful capsule form of vitamin D with K1.  I am happy to announce that I have found something even better to add to our PCOS supplement line – PCOS Diva Super D.

For more information about vitamin D, read Vitamin D: A PCOS Deficiency?

This even more highly bioavailable liquid formulation still packs in tons of vitamin D, but it also includes both Vitamin K1 and K2.  All three vitamins are essential for optimal bone and arterial health as well as maintaining proper immune system balance, and they need to work in tandem for best results. Finally, since this new formulation is enveloped in olive oil, it is better absorbed by the body.

Yes, it costs a bit more than the current PCOS Diva Vitamin D capsule. I struggled with whether to change the formula (because of the price increase), but my goal is to provide the most bio-available PCOS supplements for women with PCOS, and I only offer what I personally use. This is the vitamin D that I will be using from now on.  I love the added bonus that it is one less capsule to take every day.  I can just put a little under my tongue or mix it into my morning lemon water!  Each dropper contains 2000 iu of D3.  There are approximately 59 doses in each bottle.  Please ask your doctor how much Vitamin D you should be taking daily.



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