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MACA – Q&A on Femmenessence

Hopefully you have read my maca post. If you are as intrigued about maca, especially Natural Health International’s Femmenessence product, I encourage you to read the following Q&A.  I had an opportunity to chat with Natural Health International’s CEO, James Frame about maca and Femmenessence and want to share the conversation with you.

James Frame, CEO of Natural Health International

Q:    How does Femmenessence compare to other maca products?

A:    A  lot of people don’t realize that there are actually 13 different phenotypes of maca which are different colors, different DNA, different active ingredients and even can do different things. As an example, we found one which effects fertility in women,  but a different one for men. Normal maca products are random combinations of all the different types mixed together. Femmenessence MacaHarmony is a specific phenoptype combination designed for younger women to balance hormones, reduce PMS and support fertility. In addition, Femmenessence has concentrated levels of all the active ingredients in the herb 10 – 20 times what occurs in normal raw maca. Also as many people would know maca has low bio availability and is hard for some people to digest which is why it is traditionally cooked in Peru. However as you can imagine that isn’t very scientific so Dr Meissner the head of our R&D understood that the purpose of cooking is to remove the starches and increase absorption. So he perfected a method which includes pre-gelatinization which converts normal raw maca with a 68% water solubility to Femmenessence with a 99% water solubility. However even more importantly Dr Meissner perfected the method so well that our process never goes over 104°F so is by definition raw yet perfectly absorbable. But probably most importantly the clinical trials on Femmenessence, which were published in peer-reviewed international medical journals and reviewed by major medical institutions such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the North American Menopause Society, and the American Menopause Foundation are the first to demonstrate statistically significant effects on hormone levels in peri and post menopausal women which not only showed reductions in menopausal symptoms but increases in estradiol, reductions in FSH, increase in bone density, reductions in LDL, body weight and much more. Below is a great break down we use to show the differences:


Q:   Is the recommended dose for PCOS 2 capsules of Femmenessence MacaHarmony per day?  Should you start with one in the morning and then add another in the afternoon?

A:     Yes the recommended dose for PCOS is 1 capsule of Femmenessence in the morning before breakfast and the other in the early afternoon half an hour before  your usual energy low. It is best taken without food.

Q:      I have heard that Maca isn’t good for certain types of breast cancer, is this true?

A:     We do not recommend using Femmenessence MacaHarmony or any other form of maca with breast cancer. While we have many practitioners who will use Femmenessence with estrogen dominant patients, the normal feedback mechanisms to limit the production of estrogen may not be operational in a condition like breast cancer.  However, after treatment is complete and the person is in remission, Femmenessence may have a role in balancing a woman’s hormones though we recommend working with a practitioner who understands these mechanisms and Femmenessence because it is just one part of a detailed protocol involving DIM, fish oil, pH Quintessence and several other products to support estrogen metabolization, detox and immune and cell function.

Q:       Is it okay to use Femmenessence with natural progesterone cream?

A:     Yes, Femmenessence can be used with progesterone cream, oral contraceptives, and hormone replacement therapy. However, because Femmenssence optimizes the production of hormones, we often suggest using it first and then fill in any hormonal deficiency gaps with lower levels of natural progesterone cream or bio-identical hormones.

Q:         Is it okay to use with Metformin, birth control, Spironolactone (the popular PCOS drugs)

A:     In order to properly affect hormone levels long term, insulin resistance in PCOS must be addressed. Metformin and lifestyle modifications for insulin resistance may actually improve the use of Femmenssence MacaHarmony for PCOS. Femmenessence does not decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills in terms of contraception or hormone replacement however for PCOS we would recommending working with your practitioner to evaluate your condition as it may be more optimal to use Femmenessence without birth control. Spironolactone does not interact with Femmenessence.

Q:       Many women with PCOS are on antidepressants, sleeping aids and anti-anxiety medicatitons.  Is it okay to take your product when taking these types of drugs?

A:     There are no herb-drug interaction with antidepressant, sleep or anxiety medications. In fact, empirically, we often see women who are taking these products work with their prescribing physician to reduce the dose or completely eliminate their use. There are some mechanisms that suggest that improving hormone balance has direct and significant effects on mental health and mood.

Q:     I have seen some comments about Maca being a problem for your thyroid.  Can you elaborate?

A:    This refers to the theory that maca is a goitrogen like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower because it interferes with the thyroid gland’s ability to uptake iodine. The dose would need to be excessive to cause goiter using these compounds.

However while people may see adverse effects with normal maca, in practicality, practice and our clinical research we did not see goitrogenic effects with Maca-GO. In fact, we have seen those with sluggish thyroid function lower their TSH and increase T3 hormone (improve thyroid function). Goiters are enlarged tissue and are created over a long period of time with exposure to excess TSH. On a case-by-case basis, those with moderate to severe iodine deficiencies should be monitored more closely. Therefore, our only precaution regarding thyroid conditions is in thyroid medication use.

Q:            Many women with PCOS are hypothyroid and are often on medication for it.

A:     Thyroid medications are one class of prescription drugs that may have an interaction with Femmenessence. We have suggested that these medicines be taken at least one hour apart from Femmenessence. Because Femmenessence is adaptogenic in nature and works through the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis, it has the potential of reducing thyroid hormone when circulating levels are high. Just after administration of a thyroid medication, circulating levels are raised. Most of these medications are to be taken without food, so, in these cases, many women take Femmenessence after breakfast instead of first thing in the morning. However it is important to note we have also seen Femmenessence increase thyroid function in patients with low thyroid and been able to reduce their medication. For that reason again it is important to work with a practitioner to get the protocol which is just right for you.

Q:       What is the protocol for giving your body a rest from the Femmenessence.  I have seen some maca products suggest for every week have one day off, for every 2 weeks have 2 days off, and for every 2 months have 2 weeks off.

A:     It all depends on a woman’s stage of life. A young woman trying to regulate a cycle is different to a woman addressing PCOS which is different to a woman who is post menopausal. Any time someone begins or stops taking Femmenessence, their body must balance and regulate multiple glandular functions. If you are having issues with those glands and you haven’t corrected the condition stopping may not be of benefit, or if you are post menopausal and ovarian function has shut down completely. Therefore it is different for every woman; however as a guide it is important to give the body a break from anything which is invigorating its function. For that reason we always recommend when women first start taking Femmenessence stay on it for four months continually. Then assuming they are in balance after that initial period (if not keep taking it without a break) we recommend a week break. Then a week break every 2-3 months. However, we have had reports of women waiting six months and only taking a five day break as well as some women taking a week off every four months or whatever is right for them. Dosing is also important as many woman may stay on Femmenessence but reduce the dose to one capsule a day, rather than having a break. The reason for this is because intensity, frequency, and duration of stimuli are what affect results and just like a training program, the body can adapt to these stimuli. We avoid any plateau effect by utilizing this break. The healthier a person is, the faster they can adapt.  Therefore, those suffering with complex conditions do not need to “change their routine” as often.

Q:      I found out that maca  has a significant amount of iron. Is there a concerned of iron over-absorption. Would you please give me your guidance on that?

A:     As mentioned before there are many different types of maca and many different locations (soils) which it comes from. For that reason you can’t make a blanket statement however in relation to Femmenessence which we know the exact amounts and effect, the only time iron over-absorption is of concern would be with conditions such as hemachromotosis or excessive amounts of vitamin C. Under normal physiology, the body down regulates absorption of iron as circulating levels rise. We see this with many minerals, but calcium and iron are the common examples. The larger the bolus of minerals, the lower the rate of absorption. If someone is concerned about this, simple blood tests can evaluate iron status.

Q:       How does maca interact with caffeine?

A:     While caffeine and maca do not directly interact, users of both may experience additive effects. People often think adaptogens balance and regulate. However in fact they nourish systems in our body which balance and regulate and actually have a stimulation phase. For this reason they can over stimulate energy, increase bowel motility and mental acuteness when take together. Therefore, if these results are seen in excess, the dose of either or both may need to be reduced.

Q:   Is the maca you use for Femmenessence a sustainable crop, is it organic and is it also fair-trade?

A:      Maca cultivated for  Femmenecence grows exclusively on land controlled by Natural Health International to ensure that crops grow in their natural habitat, cultivated under strict avoidance of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, and observing 5-year land-rotation practices.  Locally employed farmers grow, harvest, select, dry, and process plants in line with traditional farming practices to ensure sustainability, fair trade, ecological viability and cultural integrity in every step of the process.
International, independent, third-party certifying organizations16,17 regularly monitor Natural Health International’s agricultural and manufacturing practices, and supervise the entire production process to meet or exceed USDA, Japanese, and European Union organic, Kosher, Halal and good manufacturing process (GMP) guidelines.

Q:      If a woman with PCOS wants to try your product do you offer any support?

A:     We have a team of doctors and educators who are able to answer medical questions including Dr Tori Hudson on our medical board. Dr Hudson and our whole medical team are not only available to talk to you but as importantly to talk to your practitioner in medical terms which they will respect and listen to. Our team has put together integrated protocols for PCOS and can talk them through with you and your doctor. It is important to remember so many variables exist with this syndrome, that it’s no wonder it can be hard to come up with a definitive diagnosis and the right protocol for you. However working with our team and your practitioner to get the solution for you is key.

MACA – A Promising PCOS Supplement

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  1. HI, My 9 year old daughter has been battling with acne for the last 6 months. We are seeing a dermatologist and have been doing the topical routine and recently was prescribed Sulfamethoxazole because the DR. felt that we needed to start an antibiotic to fight the hormonal issues going on in her body but she got a skin rash so we stopped. I wanted to find something natural to help my preteen daughter balance out her hormones so I went to our local Natural Foods store and they recommended the MacaHarmony Femmenessence. She has been taking one pill a day for the last 5 days along with teen multi vitamin. Have you heard of anyone with these issues having success in clearing up acne with Femmenessence? How quickly will we see the results? Should she continue to stay on this and for how long?

    Thank you for your help.

  2. I have been taking Maca powder for over 3 years now due to the Menopause. It knocked my hot flushes on the head immediately and had other beneficial effects too. I did however start taking HRT after some time due to emotional fluctuations. I have recently ceased with the HRT but the hot flushes have returned with a vengeance.
    I am hoping that this product will be even better for me.

  3. Patty-
    I would call Femmenessence and talk to them about her issues. You will also want to try to remove dairy from her diet and see how that improves things. Read my “Don’t Be a Dairy Queen” for more info. Also sign up for my newsletter, I will be addressing the acne issue soon. If you need support helping her clean up her diet I would be happy to chat. Email me at

  4. I tried to order through their web site and it keeps saying error. Any idea of another source for it?

  5. Did you by chance ask about pregnancy? If I were to take this product and become pregnant would I need to stop taking it?

  6. I plan on starting IVF treatments this summer. Is it okay for me to take these for the 3 months before I start these treatments? I wouldn’t want it to hinder my treatment in any way.

  7. Rachael- I would think it would help – but contact the folks at Natural Health international and they will answer your questions!

  8. Have you seen any extreme reactions from using Maca and adrenal glands over reacting? Since I started 4 days ago, I had to stop for 1 day and I am hoping these symptoms will go away, and there is nothing I can do to stop it. My symptoms are low blood pressure, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath.

  9. I would talk to the folks at Natural Health International and tell them about your symptoms using Maca Harmony – they can help.

  10. I am very curious about taking maca. I was diagnosed with pcos/high estrogen/cholesterol/WBC. I have not had a mense in 8 months. So I know that I have low progesterone. What would your recommendations be?

  11. I do think Maca helps with low progesterone. YOu can always call the folks at Natural Health International the makers of Maca Harmony and talk to them about your situation. They are very helpful.

  12. Hi there,

    I would like to know if I can still take the Femmenessence piils while I’m on my period or stop taking them when I’m on my period until my menstrual period is over???

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Amy,

    I been taking the Femmenessence hormones balance pill for over a month and I been having heavy period for 8 days now i would like to know Is it normal for me to have my period for so long? This is unusual for me because when I have my period I have it for no more then 5 days. Please let me know I’m really concern about this I dont know if to stop the pill or what.

    Thank you,

  14. Hi,
    I am a mother of two, who has been suffering from depression since I was 16 but wasn’t diagnosed till I was 19 years old. I am currently 29 and through my journey I have been on Lexapro, Adderal and Xanax for PTS, and later Zoloft and Prozac during both my pregnancies and finally, post babies, Celexa Adderall and Xanax again. I stopped using Celexa Adderall and Xanax as I was referred to St. John’s wort and alternative herbs for depression. The antidepressants always gave me side affects of very low libido at a really young age so I decided to search for healing in this new direction. The St. John’s Wort did do something. I thought My depression was better but I was still struggling with functioning and feeling completely debilitated. So in hindsight I guess it wasn’t doing the full job. Anyway last October I came to the conclusion I was having serious hormonal problems, I had all the symptons. Gained wieght unexplainably fast, chronic fatigue, irregular menstral cycles, terrbile acne all over my body… And for whatever reason I had been completely blind to my hormones. I was lead to purchase the Femenessence Maca Harmony and after I took one pill I literally turned into a completely different person. I had no idea my hormones were the cause of such misery in my life. But I have reached the four month mark, I noticed that my periods were slowly becoming irregular again and despite my daily regim of healthy herbs for the depression I continue to feel an overwhelming weight of saddness and debilitaiting mental fog / fatigue. Currently I take 3 St. John’s Wort 1x daily, 1-2 Maca pills 1x daily, Holy Basil (1) as needed for sleep and Anxiety, 2 B6 vitamins daily and I added 1-2 Vitex caps once a day. I am so tempted to add an antidepressant because of this excess weight of depression that I can’t seem to shake. I really feel desperate, as I have spent 4 years searching for healing. Can anyone give me any advice on what I could add? Or had an experience like mine that can give me a clear direction on where to go next? Like I mentioned I have two small children. We have a routine and I have been feeling exhausted, short tempered, unloving, low quality of life. Very terrible Brain Fog, and fatigue. I can’t live this way and I need help. Thank you.

  15. Christy, kudos to you for reaching out for help. The foods you choose and your gut health are closely linked to your depression symptoms. Reducing inflammation by eliminating gluten and dairy can help tremendously. My 7 Day Jumpstart program can help you get on the healing path. Follow this link for more information:

  16. Can Macaharmony help someone get their period back…I haven’t had mine since Sept. 2001.?

  17. In the Q&A section, it was mentioned that there’s a team of doctors who are able to talk to me or my doctor regarding the use of Femmenessence with my current treatment. How would I get connected with of the doctors?

  18. Hello.

    I am reaching out for the sheer particularity of my issue (which is a long-lasting and quite complex, I might say, so that even the gynecologist can’t really say for sure what stadium I am in).

    Small digression: I have been in a terrible car accident 14 years ago, remained disabled, with 13 operation up to the moment I am writing to you.
    This obviously put me into the lasting state of stress, discomfort, pain and inability to sleep (let alone move the way I used to – my right arm is 60% disabled).

    Somewhere in the middle of that span, 8 years ago, I had my uterus removed because a planned pregnancy triggered a benign tumor in inoperable part of my uterus, resulting in both miscarriage and urgent uterus removal.

    Gynecologist didn’t prescribe me any kind of hormonal replacement therapy (I might think he should have, but I am not a doctor, right). For the past 5 years (and some surgeries in between) I have been experiencing even worse insomnia (2 hrs of sleep to the most per night), terrible night sweats (not daily, thanks God), a state close to depression (unprovoked, deep sadness, frustration). I am a happy persons by nature, extrovert and loved. I never wanted to burden my family with any of these problems so I spent years faking happiness and satisfaction.

    I finally went to my gynecologist who did an UV sound, mammography, papa test (not the hormonal levels, though).
    He prescribed me pills called Angelique, which I am using for a month now, but I have read on the manufacturer’s page that they are NOT for women without uterus.

    Without a mortal wish to further worsen my health, I would like an answer if there is any Femminnessence product which might actually deal with my (obviously) menopause problems.

    It is not that I am afraid of chemical HRT, but having read what I did really scared me terribly.

    I don’t use pain killers though my arm pain varies from 11 to 15 on the scale of 1 to 10.
    I don’t use any anti-depressants although I feel I should.
    I am just holding in there, ladies.

    Please, any advice is more than welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

  19. I had my Mirena IUD taken out on this Wed, 2/24 and started MacaHarmony the next day. I had brown spotting from taking the IUD same day and well into Wednesday. Thursday bloating and increase in brown blood flow was noticeable. Friday I went through 2 organic pantyliners and by the evening bright red blood was present and soaked my pantyliner. I used a regular Natracare regular pad, by Satruday morning it was soaked and a significant blood clot was present. It’s Sunday and I’m still bleeding. So yes, for me my period (after being absent for 5 years with occasional spotting only needing pantyliners) came back with a vegence! I’m taking it to reset my hormonal system and regulate my menstrual cycle. I will be supplementing MacaHarmony with Cramp Bark (Sprouts Brand) and this has controlled my cramps and water retention. Being on Mirena I gained weight, I’m sure my glandular systems were out of wack because of all the increase in lethargy/fatigue, so I’m hoping MacaHarmony regimen will help with balancing everything out. My head is much clearer and it feels my thinking is not foggy anymore! Try it. I take the stated dose and I’m 40 turning 41 in a few days. I’ve always had irregular periods unless I am on pharmaceutical birth control including the Mirena. I am on 95% organic/non-gmo diet, and processed foods is about 5-10% (even then it must be organic/non-gmo). Nutrition plays a big role in our menstrual cycles and staying away from sugar is a must for weight loss and reducing it’s effects on PMS. While I loath the heavy bleeding at first shot, I know that with continued use my system will normalize. I heard Fermented Cod Liver Oil reduces heavy bleeding; in which, after 4-6 months use of MacaHarmony, I will try if needed. Hopeful for you Sophie try it.

  20. Also try apple cider vingar diluted with water and spray topically over acne. And I agree removing dairy and even processed sugar will help.

  21. How do you know if you should start with a higher dose of Maca. I have horrible cycles, I could go 3 months without a cycle. Should I start the strong dose and work down?

  22. Hi Christy I was also in a car accident that caused Insomnia I would only sleep 1hr MAX I had a baby of 4 months at the time:( I Had Panic attacks that made my heart Beat FAST ALL night I would try to go to bed around 9-10pm I would wake up 1hr later with my heart beating and it wouldn’t stop until 5am 🙁 and around 6-7am I would try to fall asleep when my 4 month old would wake up asking for food. Along with my 2 year old. I had a Horrible 1 year and a half experience in life. I didn’t know why this was happening? I lost so much weight, from my normal weight being 140lbs I went to 100lbs in 2 months. I couldn’t eat NOTHING I use to feel like dying. My kids love always kept me from doing something stupid. I started taking herbal drinks it helped a lot but from all that trauma, brain fog jumped in! A really bad strong one! I feel like my brain is dead! I feel like a zombie I forget everything and I just feel horrible. I was wondering if this product has helped in anyway?? & if you recommend it?

  23. Im 42 and low on estrogen and progesterone and lately havent been feeling like myself…will maca help me with both hormones, rising them both ??