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MENU PLAN May Week 4

It’s Monday and perhaps you’re coming off a weekend of letting your eating plan go.  Parties and spring get-togethers may have led to chips and dip, cake and ice cream, a margarita or  even two.  Now that the weekend is over, you might be  having a hard time getting back on track.  Let’s talk about how to get your brain out of binge mode.  Here’ s a helpful tip –

Do you reason with yourself, “I shouldn’t eat that” or “That food is bad for me.” ?  Take this reasoning one step further this week. Visualize a better outcome.  Try,  “I don’t need to have that Snickers bar at the office because I will enjoy my nightly ritual of a few squares of dark chocolate after dinner when I get home, and Snickers are processed and not part of my PCOS food plan.”  Then envision in your mind what you should be eating (the dark chocolate) instead of the Snickers bar.  Enjoy this week’s Menu!

MEATLESS MONDAY Pizza with White Bean Puree and Fresh Tomatoes. I’ll use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix .  I try to make the crust as thin as possible – so I’m not eating a lot of extra carbs, and will use basil in the bean puree instead of sage.  Add a green salad and you have a great veggie meal.

TUESDAY Italian Roasted Chicken Breast I  actually bought a whole organic chicken to cook instead.  I’ll use the leftovers for Thursday’s Chicken Salad.  Make some whipped sweet potatoes and steamed green beans to round out the meal.

WEDNESDAY Raw Veggie Pasta with  Tomatoes and Herbs Keeping with the Italian theme so far this week – try this yummy alternative to pasta salad.  I will serve with a simple baked haddock or cod with lemon butter.

THURSDAY Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Sweet and Spicy Sauce Bibb lettuce makes for a terrific alternative to traditional flour wraps.   Use the leftover chicken from Tuesday night’s dinner.

FRIDAY Salmon Kebabs with Quinoa and Grapefruit Salad Add some steamed or grilled broccoli spears.  I like to dip the broccoli in some Italian salad dressing and toss it on the grill.

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  1. Are you a picky eater?
    I have found that its very difficult as I have found out that i have PCOS over a month ago and have insulin resistance because of it and have to be on a low GI diet that sticking to this diet while being a picky eater is very difficult.
    I say this as I saw the Salmon as I do not eat any seafood, do you know of any good alternatives to seafood?
    im struggling on my diet and feeling like giving up.

    1. ReeRee-
      I always tell my health coaching clients that it take 13X of tasting a food before you can honestly say you don’t like it. As we start to eat more whole food our tastes change. If you don’t eat fish (and even if you do) make sure to take an Omega 3 fish oil. It is very important for PCOS. Also try smoothies and put the fish oil and greens in them. You won’t even taste it!