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MENU PLAN June Week 1

If you have been following me for a while, you will know how much I respect and appreciate the work of Monika Woolsey, an ardent advocate and supporter of women with PCOS and founder of inCYST.  If you aren’t aware of inCYST, you need to be. It is a  network of independent professionals committed to helping women with PCOS . I will be honored to be counted as part of the inCYST network later this year, when I complete the  PCOS specific training program.  Also, in June 2011, the inCYST Institute for Hormonal Health, a nonprofit research foundation in Santa Monica, California will open.

If that weren’t enough,  inCYST maintains a very informative blog.  One of the new regular features is,  “Nutrition 101” . Once a week, a  vitamin or mineral  is introduced with the challenge  to see if you eat enough of it, regularly, over the course of the day.  Monika thought it would be fun to sync up my PCOS Menu Plans to include some recipes that feature  the weekly “Nutrition 101” vitamin or mineral of the week.  Sounds like a fun challenge to me.

Honestly, I can sort of live out my fantasy of becoming an Iron Chef .  The Chairman (or in this case Chairwoman) has spoken.  This week’s Secret Ingredient is……Riboflavin

“Riboflavin is my favorite vitamin.  Not for any nutritional reason, but because in my senior year of college I was lucky enough to work in renowned nutrition researcher Daphne Roe’s laboratory, as a lab assistant for a riboflavin study.  I was one of the people who prepared the food for female subjects in a study evaluating whether riboflavin requirements increase with increased activity.

MEATLESS MONDAY Creamy Asparagas Soup serve with White Bean Crostini with Rosemary The asparagus and the half & half  are both high in riboflavin. Since I try to go gluten free, I will use very toasted Udi’s bread for the crostini.  However, you could get a whole grain baguette and use thin slices .
TUESDAY  Grilled Shrimp Gumbo Salad Okra is the secret ingredient.  When I think of okra I think Gumbo but now that we are getting into the summer season, gumbo just seems to heavy for me.  I will keep my fingers crossed that I can find fresh okra in the store this week!  If not I may be making a traditional gumbo after all.

WEDNESDAY  Swiss Chard Scramble The eggs and Swiss chard in this dish are the riboflavin stars.  I tend to prefer a little raw milk organic cheddar rather than the Parmesan cheese the recipe calls for.  I will round this out with a half of grapefruit and a Bob’s Red Mill gluten free corn muffin.

THURSDAY Black Pepper Beef with Green Beans Both the beef and green beans have riboflavin.  I tend to add whatever veggies I have in the fridge to stir-fry.  Don’t be afraid to improvise! This dish wouldn’t be complete without a little brown rice.
FRIDAY Walnut and Rosemary Oven Fried Chicken When the weather gets warmer, my mainstay dinner is a salad – but always with some protein on top.  Today I will harvest my first lettuce from my garden and use as a delicious bed for this chicken.  I will roast some asparagus (I wasn’t going to forget the secret ingredient) and beets and serve with the chicken salad.  Make a simple honey mustard dressing and drizzle on top of the salad. Instead of the panko I will either use almond flour or will make my own gluten free bread crumbs.

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  1. I am excited that you have recipes that are gluten free as well. I have PCOS and am gluten free and I am starting to see how it is all connected. I look forward to pouring over your material. Thank you,

    1. Cynthia-
      I am going to be releasing 6 week complete gluten free PCOS friendly seasonal menu plans very soon. Stay tuned!

      1. My name is Terri and I just found out that I have PCOS and I was wondering if you can give me some advice on how to start eating the right foods to help me lose weight. This is all new to me and I don’t know what the first step is. Thanks for your help.