MENU PLAN November Week 2 - PCOS Diva
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MENU PLAN November Week 2

It is Thanksgiving Week – one of my favorite weeks of the year! Spend this week offering thanks for the little things. Small gratitudes are the antidote to taking life and others for granted.  What little things are you thankful for?  Today I am thankful that my 11yr old son loves basketball as much as I do.  His team won an early season tournament this afternoon.  What a gift it is to see your child excel at something he loves to do.  Choose to be grateful this week.   I challenge you to offer up a little thanks and gratitude for three blessings each and every day this week.  This will help you think of gratitude as a mind-set rather than an obligation. You may be surprised at how good you will feel just by practicing an attitude of gratitude.


MEATLESS MONDAY Kale, White Bean and Sweet Potato Soup serve with mixed greens.

TUESDAY Frittata with Black Beans and Salsa, I’ll serve this with a little winter fruit salad – clementine, pomegranate seeds, pears, apples, etc.

WEDNESDAY Provencale Chicken Supper – add a tsp of Herbs de Provence and use boneless chicken breast.  I  like add chopped onion and some garlic and  use an extra can of beans and tomatoes.  Serve over a bed of quinoa to sop up the juices.

THURSDAY Turkey with Herbs de Provence and Citrus &  Roasted Sweets and Greens, Wild Rice Stuffing with Pearl Onions, Dried Cherries and Apricots, Mock Garlic Mashed PotatoesPaleo Pumpkin Bread,  Baby Brussels Sprouts with Buttered Pecans & Apple Crisp. This is the turkey I will be making on Thanksgiving.  Here are some very PCOS friendly side dishes too. Just a quick note – Use brown rice instead of white rice in the stuffing.

FRIDAY Next Day Turkey Soup

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  1. Rachel-
    I think it is important to indulge in something you really want. Keep it to 3 bites. That is really all you need to truly satisfy if you eat those bites mindfully. Have a wonderful day!

  2. So, what’s the verdict; are carbs (breads, grains, etc) the death of women with PCOS, or are they okay to have??