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Ovasitol Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ovasitol is a combined myo-inositol/d-chiro inositol product which may promote normal blood sugar levels, improve egg quality, support regular menstrual cycles and help balance hormones levels.* You can read more about it in my article,  “Why I (Still) Use Ovasitol or listen to my podcast with Dr. Mark Ratner, the medical director of Theralogix who manufactures Ovasitol. I have been receiving lots of questions from PCOS Divas about Ovasitol. Here are answers to some of the most common ones.

Can I take Ovasitol with Metformin? Does this replace Metformin or do I take it with?

Please ask your doctor or other healthcare provider about taking Ovasitol with Metformin, or taking Ovasitol instead of Metformin. Since both inositol and Metformin have been shown to affect insulin levels and restore ovulation, they may have additive effects. In one study comparing myo-inositol to Metformin, myo-inositol showed slightly better results for restoring ovulation and increasing pregnancy rates and had lower rates of side effects such as GI disturbance. For more info, read, “Metformin, Berberine, or Inositol for PCOS?“.

Should I take Ovasitol with berberine or just one or the other?

Ovasitol can be taken with other supplements such as berberine. You should always consult with your healthcare provider about supplements that you are taking. For more info, read, “Metformin, Berberine, or Inositol for PCOS?“.

Can I take Ovasitol while breastfeeding?

Yes, Ovasitol can be taken while breastfeeding.

Can I take Ovasitol if I am pregnant?

Yes, Ovasitol can be taken throughout pregnancy. Taking inositol during pregnancy may be beneficial. Studies have shown that myo-inositol supplementation during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

How long will it take for Ovasitol to work?

Ovasitol is designed for continuous, long-term use. It generally takes at least three months of regular, daily use to see menstrual benefits and up to 6 months of regular, daily use to see skin and hair benefits. If you are taking Ovasitol to promote healthy egg quality, take consistently for at least six weeks. Be sure to follow up with your health care provider to monitor your progress.

Is it available in Canada?

Yes, Ovasitol is available for shipping to Canada.

I live in XYZ (outside US) how can I get it?

Theralogix cannot ship outside of the U.S. and Canada. If you live outside North America, consider using a service like Shipito.

 How long does it take to receive my order?

Your initial order of Ovasitol should arrive within a week if shipped within the US. Orders to Canada may take 2-3 weeks. If you have questions about an order you placed, please call Theralogix customer service toll-free (800)449-4447.


 Will Ovasitol help me regulate my periods?

Yes, studies show that inositol helps regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle (period), and restore normal ovulation.*

If I experience any stomach upset from it, what should I do?

Inositol, at the dose found in Ovasitol, is not expected to cause stomach upset. Ovasitol should be taken with food. We recommend taking one packet or scoop, twice a day, with a meal. It is generally tolerated well, but if you are experiencing nausea or other gastrointestinal side effects, you can try decreasing the dose to one packet or scoop a day, to see if that helps.

Can Ovasitol help me lose weight?

According to the research, inositol may help with weight loss. Some studies have shown that women taking inositol have significant weight loss compared to women taking a placebo. It is important to continue eating a healthful diet and being physically active while taking Ovasitol. Weight loss is not guaranteed.

Is this something to take to help get pregnant or for PCOS in general?

Ovasitol can be taken by women who are trying to get pregnant and by those who are not trying. Research shows that inositol helps to improve fertility by regulating menstruation (monthly period) and promoting normal ovulation. Inositol has also been shown to improve egg quality, which is important for women trying to get pregnant.*

For women who are not trying to get pregnant, inositol has also been shown improve the way the body uses insulin, promote normal hormone levels and support normal lipid levels.*

Why hasn’t my doctor heard of it?

Your doctor may or may not have heard about Ovasitol. Ovasitol is a new inositol product combining myo- and d-chiro-inositol in the body’s naturally occurring ratio of 40 to 1. This inositol combination has been shown to be more beneficial than either form of inositol alone.  If your doctor or health care provider would like more information about Ovasitol, they can contact Theralogix, the company that makes Ovasitol, toll-free at (888)899-3899, or visit www.theralogix.com to learn more.

Can I take Ovasitol while on birth control?

It is fine to take Ovasitol with birth control pills.

Can Ovasitol be taken along side Clomid?


Can it be taken at the same time as thyroid medication?

Yes, Ovasitol can be taken with thyroid medication. However, these should be taken at a different time. Thyroid medication should be taken on an empty stomach, and Ovasitol should be taken with food. If you take your thyroid medication early in the morning, for example, you could take Ovasitol with or after your breakfast or lunch.

Is it OK to combine doses and take at night only?

The inositol studies have typically been with twice a day dosing, so this is what we recommend.  I am not sure whether it would have the same effect if dosed as two packets once a day.

Is this OK to take if you have MTHFR mutation? I know inositol is a b vitamin and that mutation means you don’t process b vitamin properly. So, will it actually benefit those who have MTHFR mutation and PCOS?

Yes, it is fine for someone with the MTHFR mutation to take Ovasitol.  Inositol metabolism is not affected by this.

I am postmenopausal. Can I take it?


I have the thin PCOS phenotype. Can I still benefit from taking Ovasitol?

Yes, you can still benefit from taking Ovasitol.  Research has shown that inositols can help restore menstrual regularity and ovulation.  In women going through fertility treatment, inositols may improve egg quality and ovarian response to ovarian-stimulating drugs.

Is it safe to take Ovasitol if I am allergic to nuts?

Yes. Ovasitol contains no nuts or other allergens.

Does Ovasitol help in sleep disturbance?

We do not know the answer to this. Although inositol may be associated with better sleep, there is no research looking at sleep with the doses recommended in Ovasitol.

Can I use my Ovasitol after the expiration date?

Yes. Ovasitol will very slowly lose its potency over time, but it is safe to use after the expiration date. If you are using the powder within a couple of years of the expiration date, use a heaping versus leveled scoop.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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    1. Ovaboost has 2000mg of myo-inositol plus some antioxidants to promote egg quality. They sell a bundlehttp://www.fairhavenhealth.com/ovarian-health-bundle.html that includes additional antioxidants to get you to the 4 g a day dosage of Ovasitol. However you would still be missing d-chiro-inositol in Ovasitol. I would make a decision either to take the Ovaboost bundle or Ovasitol.

  1. Thank you for this page, My fertility Dr recommended I start taking Ovasitol and unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to ask many questions. This helped me understand what ovasitol does!

  2. I would just like to say that I started taking Ovasitol in November 2014 after over 6 months of no improvement in my PCOS while taking Pregnitude. I actually ovulated on my own after 1 month of taking it! After my natural cycle, my husband and I opted for TTC via fertility meds and at my follicle scan, the layers of my uterus showed a very balanced hormone level (according to my Doctor) which I credit to Ovasitol. Anyway, I am thrilled to report that we are successfully expecting our first child!

  3. Can ovasitol be taken in 2nd and 3rd trimesters also as some are saying it can cause preterm labor.Kindly answer as I have no help from doctors.

    1. Ovasitol can be taken throughout pregnancy. Taking inositol during pregnancy may be beneficial. Studies have shown that myo-inositol supplementation during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.

  4. How long ovasitol should be taken to get regular period and restore ovulation. I have been taken almost 4 month and no results yet?

  5. I started taking Ovasitol to help with my high testosterone levels. I also suffer of insulin resistance, but other than that, I have regular periods, have no cysts in my ovaries, and everything else is well. Thus, I have not been diagnosed with PCOS, but I do try to take care of myself as someone with PCOS. (Note: this diagnosis has been the consensus by every endocrinologist I have seen). I recently read about flaxseed helping lower testosterone levels. Would it be safe to consume a spoon of flaxseed while on Ovasitol? Thanks so much!

  6. I used to be on birth control pills and once getting off it, haven’t had my period for going on 6 months now. Just started Ovasitol. How long has it taken for anyone to prompt a period while on Ovasitol?

    1. I think it is different for everyone, but I would give it 3 months.

  7. I am currently eating low carb and taking Ovasitol along with fertilaid. I have been reading a lot aobut apple cider vinegar and my question is would it be safe to start taking applce cider vinegar as well?

    1. Hi Miranda, i would like to know if you have had any luck? I’m on the same regimen and i wanted to know if it worked for you in ttc?

  8. I’ve read lots of stories about ovasitol restoring & regulating periods in women who either don’t have periods on their own or they are very far apart. I’m curious how this works for women who have long periods & that come too close together? I’ve always had longer heavier but regular periods until I got the mirena. I had the mirena in for 7 months & things only got worse while it was in so I had it pulled. Since then (15 months ago) my periods are longer than ever before & my cycle is shortened. The doc says I pcos and I’m looking for anything to help regulate me.

  9. Can you use it in hot drinks as well? I drink hot lemon water in the morning and it would be a perfect time to take it. So does hot or cold drinks effect it differently?

  10. I was on birth control 22years to control my pcos. I went off oral bc a year ago due to breakthrough bleeding and month long periods. Now I have developed cysts on my ovaries along with many follicles and ended up in the emergency room with severe pain (probably a cyst burst) . I am on progesterone only. With the development of the cysts my ob/gyn says shutting down the ovaries is the only option and wants me back on BC! I do not have signs of insulin resistance and my testosterone is low. My weight is healthy and possibly on the low side. I feel the progesterone has helped the androgenic side effects I have had in the past. Can I use this supplement instead of birth control to stop cysts from forming? And can I use it even though I have low testosterone and no signs of insulin resistance (yet)? I read one side effect is it may drop your insulin too low. Thanks for this information! I am so glad I found this website and blog.

  11. Has anyone had the opposite effect with using Ovasitol? I have PCOS and have always had irregular periods. Decided to give Ovasitol a try and have been on the supplement for 3 months. My periods are no prolonged lasting at least 2 weeks with a heavy flow. I just want to be normal!!

  12. I have been taking Ovasitol with NAC on the side now for 2 months and so far no period. I have been reading about the new Glucorein supplement and am curious about adding that to my regimen. I noticed Glucorein already has Myo-Inositol and NAC in it (although the Myo-Inositol is at a much lower dose). As such, would it be better just to stick with Ovasitol because it has a much higher dose of Myo-Inositiol along with the recommended D-Chiro-Inositol – which I hear is important to complement the Myo-Inositol. Should I just take a high quality green coffee bean supplement in addition to Ovasitol, which in essence would mimic Glucorein but would include D-Chiro-Inositol and would include a higher amount of Myo-Inositol. Do you know of a good green coffee supplement? Does anybody have any suggestions with that?

  13. Does hot water change the chemical composition? I’m wondering if I’ll achieve the same result dissolving the powder in my morning coffee or tea. (?)

  14. Can you take Ovisatol while on Mirena? I don’t want to get pregnant but Ovisatol helps so much with my PCOS symptoms!

  15. what about somebody who is in premenopausal it work to regulate her period?

  16. I have lean PCOS and have normal insulin labs with fasting. Back in March i tried taking Inositol and 3 weeks later had my period. I have not had a period since and I am not pregnant, but recently switched to Ovasitol. I am wondering if Ovasitol/Inositol is still safe to take if my insulin levels are normal?

    1. Yes, you can still benefit from taking Ovasitol. Research has shown that inositols can help restore menstrual regularity and ovulation. In women going through fertility treatment, inositols may improve egg quality and ovarian response to ovarian-stimulating drugs.

      1. Thank you Amy! I just want to tell you thank you for sharing so much wonderful information to women with PCOS. I love your articles and Podcasts. Through your podcasts, I learned about Naturopath Doctors and starting seeing my MND about a year ago. 🙂 Unfortunately, my doctor and I have tried several different herbs to help regulate menstruation and ovulation, but nothing has helped. I also tried cleaning up my diet by avoiding gluten and diary, but unfortunately I find the diet very hard to follow at times (although I do my best). My doctor and I have decided to now try prescriptions to see if they will help with ovulation. If you have any other thoughts or advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for all that you do!

  17. Has anyone had any negative reaction to stopping Ovasitol? I’ve been off for a little over a week now after taking it for four months. The past five days have been accompanied by hunger and low blood sugar (sweating, dizziness) in the middle of the night. It has morphed into extreme hunger through out the day and night, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting. I can barely function today and am hoping to get some answers.

    1. You should reach out to Theralogix, the makers of Ovasitol. But my guess is that Ovasitol was helping you with blood sugar management.

      1. Hi! I eventually got back to normal with my blood sugar levels on my own. I did not go back to taking Ovasitol. My husband and decided to not try for another baby so I switched to an oral contraceptive.

  18. My periods lately have been pretty regular, 28 day cycle. But I spot brown blood for at least 8 days before I start my actual period. Very annoying. I just got diagnosed with pcos so I’m sure that’s why. Does anyone know if Ovasitol would help me stop spotting in between periods?

  19. Can ovasitol stop your period? I haven’t had a period in 72 days and counting. I’ve spotted twice within that time but no full cycle.

  20. Can ovasitol stop your period? I haven’t had a period in 72 days and counting. I’ve spotted twice within that time but no full cycle..

    1. I highly advise you should contact your doctor ASAP if you haven’t already. As someone who has skipped periods or had periods lately for weeks, Ovasitol should NOT stop your period. You should also examine what other stressors or changes you have made in your diet. Even the smallest change can stop your period, including stressors.

  21. Hi! In the first answer of your questions you wrote, “Because both inositol and Metformin have been shown to affect insulin levels and restore ovulation, they may have additive effects.” Did you mean that when taken together they may have addictive effects, or did you mean by themselves they already are addictive?

    I am trying to decide if I should start taking ovasitol but if it’s addictive that kind of scares me. Thanks so much!

    1. It is not “addictive” but “additive” meaning because they both help sensitize insulin if you are taking both they may add to each others effects.

  22. I share Elizabeth’s question – if I have lean PCOS and don’t need the insulin support, is this still a effective product for me?

    1. Research has shown that inositols can help restore menstrual regularity and ovulation. In women going through fertility treatment, inositols may improve egg quality and ovarian response to ovarian-stimulating drugs.

  23. Can I take Ovasitol with the Mirena IUD? I am not trying to conceive, just want to regulate hormones and hopefully help acne.

  24. I do not have PCOS, however I have had amenorrhea for 6 years now and no hormonal treatments or pills have helped. I was wondering if Ovasitol would help someone in my situation?

  25. I got it a year ago and it expires in 2018. if i start in 2018 is it still good. its not food so i was wondering if it was still okay to take?

  26. Did anyone seen to get more emotional during your first 2 to 3 months of being on ovasitol while your hormones balanced… I’ve been crying about every little thing lately and I don’t know why…its not pms… I’m not pregnant… hoping it’s just my hormones balancing out more…

  27. Hello. I am currently taking birth control pills and working on getting my weight lower before trying to get pregnant. I have been reading a lot about Ovasitol and it seems like it would be very beneficial to me. I am wondering, would it be more beneficial to start taking it now while I’m still on the pill, or would you recommend waiting until I come off of the pill to start using Ovasitol?

  28. What is the difference between taking the Ovasitol combined supplement vs taking a Myo Inositol supplement and a DCI inositol supplement separately?

  29. I have started to take ovasitol, and am concerned of hypoglycemia if I take it along with Metformin. Can this happen with this combination??

  30. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16, I’ve never had any symptoms and my periods are always regular. Can I still take Ovasitol even if I have no symptoms of pcos? Me and my boyfriend are wanting to start a family and I kinda want a little fertility boost.

  31. I realize this is old thread but I have PCOS and get about 9 periods a year and they last about 4-5 days. End of January I began spotting brown blood for about a week and a half then went into spotting-light flow period for two weeks and now I have light/moderate flow. This is currently day 17 of the bleeding. I have a gyn appt this week but can ovasitol help with excessive/prolonged bleeding?