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PCOS and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

by Amy Medling, founder of PCOS Diva

Recently, I have received questions regarding PCOS and the impact of electromagnetic frequencies (or EMFs) . This is hardly surprising, especially for those who are pregnant or trying to conceive. PCOS is often a major cause of complications in both fertility and pregnancy. As a matter of fact, close to 4 in every 5 women with PCOS experience fertility struggles. [1] On top of that, PCOS patients are twice as likely to experience premature delivery, and are also more susceptible to gestational diabetes [2], and elevated blood pressure.

It really doesn’t hurt to be cautious about things that may have an impact on our hormones, overall health, or a negative impact on our chances of a successful pregnancy. And among all the variables and circumstances modern society is aware of, radiation and EMF problems are some of the most discussed and least understood.

What is your exposure?

It’s not like scientists and researchers haven’t been looking into this. In fact, they’ve been conscious about this concern ever since the rise in prominence of gadgets and consumer technology.

Despite this, years of research about EMFs have yielded few concrete results, if any. One thing you need to understand about EMFs is that it can be found practically everywhere. All the electronic appliances you have at home, from your television sets and desktop computers to your microwaves, electric stoves, and laptops, emit some form of electromagnetic radiation, or EMR. Even when you go out, you are bombarded with radiation of varying doses. Even weather conditions can produce this type of radiation; it is simply everywhere and inescapable.

We’ve never been this bombarded with everyday sources of radiation before. Now that we’re living with, and in many ways, dependent upon, these technological innovations in our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to forget these are still relatively new, and that full, solid research takes time to accomplish. At the rate we’re going, we’re practically zipping past innovation after innovation, long before medical researchers can even catch up with the last technological checkpoint. Nevertheless, expect more information to come out in the coming years, especially given the extensive review process that these studies undergo.

Fertility and EMF: Can radiation impact your fertility?

Now, if there’s one thing that most of the world’s experts agree upon, it’s that EM radiation has been shown to be connected to certain health issues. Cancer [3], infertility, insomnia, depression, and the reduction of melatonin, an integral hormone in the body that bolsters our resistance against pathogens and eliminates cancer cells, are just a few of the many health problems that have been linked to overexposure to radiation.

When in large and strong enough doses, EMF and electromagnetic radiation can do irreparable damage to our otherwise healthy cells and tissues. The constant bombardment of electromagnetic radiation affects many bodily processes and functions, including fertility. In fact, both men and women have been shown to suffer from the detrimental effects of such radiation, as far as fertility is concerned.

Smart money points toward avoiding strong sources of radiation when you’re trying to conceive or successfully carry a pregnancy. What we may fail to realize is that one of the most common sources of this type of radiation is almost always within the reach of every individual these days. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were reading this article through the device in question.

PCOS and Cellphone Use

Are you using your smartphone right now? Chances are, if you’re not holding it in your hand, it’s probably right beside you, or in your pocket or bag. Cellphones are admittedly low-level emitters of electromagnetic radiation, but the sheer frequency in which we use them makes them significant sources of radiation anyway.

You probably don’t realize it, but during the entire time you spent browsing Facebook, taking selfies, or playing your favorite games on your mobile phone, you have been constantly exposed to a series of small yet steady doses of radiation.

Of course, that’s not to say that using your smartphone will certainly undermine your chances of having a baby successfully. There is not yet strong scientific evidence to back up that claim.

Interestingly enough, a recent study has shown a relationship between mothers using devices such as smartphones and laptops and the frequency of preterm births. [4] Experts believe radiation in close proximity makes our cells more susceptible to damage. If you think about it, this is a logical conclusion; after all, research does point to a link between smartphone radiation and decreased sperm motility and count. [5] Who’s to say that it won’t have a similar impact on women [6] and infertility?

So, now that we understand the issue, let’s take a look at the precautionary measures we CAN adopt in order to minimize the impact of EMF and radiation.

Tips for Reducing EMF Exposure

  1. Medical experts suggest going on hands-free mode (by using either a set of headphones and a speaker or via Bluetooth). This is because smartphones tend to emit the highest amounts of radiation when they are in use; thus, you want yours to be as far away from you as reasonably possible.
  2. Avoid keeping your cellphone in your pocket or placing it on your lap. Even when you’re not using it, it is still emitting radiation if it’s turned on. One way to deal with this is to put your cellphone in your bag instead of on your person.
  3. Taking all sorts of precautionary measures toward exposure won’t mean a thing if you use your phone frequently. Try to minimize the amount of time you spend on your gadgets.
  4. Don’t sleep next to your phone! In fact, if you can, don’t keep it in your bedroom while you sleep. If you need an alarm, buy an alarm clock. If you absolutely must sleep in close proximity to it, switch it off or place it as far from you as possible.
  5. Rely less on microwaves for your food. Stick to conventional cooking.
  6. Maintain a healthy distance from your computer when you’re working — arm’s length would do just fine.
  7. Don’t walk too close to smartphone towers and transmitters.

To sum  up, don’t let the current absence of solid evidence lull you into a false sense of security. Rather than hoping that it’s safe, it’s better to assume that it could have an impact. It’s still best to err on the side of caution and avoid exposure when possible.


Amy Medling, best-selling author of Healing PCOS and certified health coach, specializes in working with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), who are frustrated and have lost all hope when the only solution their doctors offer is to lose weight, take a pill, and live with their symptoms. In response, Amy founded PCOS Diva and developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet, and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their PCOS and regain their fertility, femininity, health, and happiness.  




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