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This Ain’t Your Mama’s Yoga [Podcast]

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“A lot of women who follow this journey are in a lot of pain because of the inflammation. You can’t do a high-impact workout. You can’t do P90X. You can’t even think about Insanity. CrossFit? Don’t even look at the building as you’re driving by.”

– Diamond Dallas Page

I’m an early adopter of DDP Yoga. It is a strenuous cardio workout that doesn’t overtax my adrenals and leave me exhausted.  At the end of a workout, I feel rejuvenated, strong and flexible– exactly the way you should feel after some great exercise.

Many women with PCOS are dealing with chronic inflammation and elevated levels of cortisol, as well as weight and joint issues which make it hard to do high-impact exercise. I want everybody to know that there are alternatives (like DDP Yoga)-exercise that you can do at your own pace and level and see real results.

Yoga is proven to be very beneficial for PCOS. In a recent study, adolescents with PCOS who spent one hour a day in yoga practice, significantly improved their anxiety, hirsutism, menstrual frequency, glucose and lipid levels, as well as their insulin resistance values. So listen in to my interview with DPP Yoga founder, Diamond Dallas Page and learn how DDP Yoga can transform your mind and body.

PCOS Diva is not affiliated with DDP Yoga. I’m just a fan.

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Amy:                     Hello, and welcome to another edition of the PCOS Diva Podcast. I don’t know if you’re aware, but yoga is very beneficial for PCOS. In 2012, there was a study that showed that there were, after 12 weeks of one hour a day of a yoga practice, adolescents with PCOS significantly improved their anxiety, their hirsutism scores, their menstrual frequency, glucose, lipid, and insulin values, as well as their insulin resistance values. Yoga can be really beneficial. I, over the last several years of helping women through PCOS Diva, have had a lot of women be resistant to yoga. Today, I’ve brought in a very special guest that I hope will help us change our mindset and show us some benefits of his version of yoga. His name is Diamond Dallas Page. He was a three-time World Champion professional wrestler. Now he is the owner of DDP Yoga. He’s a health fitness advocate, actor, producer, radio personality, author, and motivational speaker. Thank you so much, Dallas, for joining us today.

Dallas:                   It’s a pleasure to be on, Amy.

Amy:                     I would love for you to start off by telling us your story about how you ended up developing DDP Yoga.

Dallas:                   For starters, you need to know that I am that guy, maybe like your husband out there, who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga the first 42 years of my life. You also need to know that I didn’t start wrestling until I was 35 years old. People can think what they want about professional wrestling. One thing rings true everywhere: you can’t fake gravity. Gravity will definitely beat your body up. I was constantly looking for ways to hold back the hands of time, starting as a 35-year-old wrestler. My career didn’t take off until I was 40. Over those years, people would always try to bring it up, “You should do yoga to help your body.” “I’m not doing yoga, dude. I’m not doing that.” In my world, no one did it.

In 1996, my career took off through the roof. In 1996, there was the Monday night wars. We owned the cable networks. We were working 270 plus days a year. We were on TV every Monday night for three hours, every Thursday night for two hours, on every Saturday morning, Sunday morning, and did a pay-per-view once a month for three hours. It was crazy. Our schedule was so over-the-top. I was living the dream in a whole different level. I just was given a multi-million dollar three-year deal, and then I blew my back out. What had happened is I ruptured my L4 and L5. Between our vertebrae are shock absorbers, they’re called discs. What happens when you blow out your disc, or rupture your L4 and L5, it’s like smashing a jelly doughnut. Where does that go? All into the nerve endings, plus you’re bone-on-bone on your spine.

I went to the three top spine specialists in the world, and they all said the same thing, “Kid, you’re done. You’re never going to get back in that ring.” Like I said, my career had just taken off three years earlier. I just got the big payoff, the money, but if I don’t wrestle, I’m not going to make that money. Plus, again, I’m living the dream. At that point, I’d try anything. That’s how, out of necessity, yoga came into my life. I was still resistant in the beginning, but at some point I realized that flexibility was youth, not just in my body, but in my mind. My mind had to become flexible to the idea. Once I did, I started to feel in the first three weeks a significant difference.

The yoga that I was doing was power yoga. I got rid of all the spiritual mumbo jumbo, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I totally respect it today, but it just was never my thing. I just took what I learned out of doing the positions. I had rehabilitated both shoulder surgeries and both knee surgeries, so I know quite a bit about rehab. I know even more about breaking up scar tissue. When you break up scar tissue, that’s what allows you to become more flexible, feel younger, but it also helps get rid of pain. One night, after about three or four weeks in, I started to mix the yoga positions with the rehabilitation techniques. I was like, wow, this really works. Then I threw in old-school calisthenics that everyone’s done, push-ups, squats, crunches, but I did then in a slow-burn movement.

What I figured out, again by accident, was every time you flex or engage a muscle … The best way to explain it is when you’re laying down your heart rate would be the lowest ever. Sit up, what happens to your heart rate? Goes up. Stand up. Walk. Jog. Run. Sprint. Up, up, up. All you’re doing is flexing muscles and engaging muscles. Every time you flex or engage a muscle, your heart has to beat faster to get the blood to the muscle. Again, out of happenstance, out of divine intervention, over a three-month period I end up creating a workout that today is known as DDP Yoga, or DDPY. It means the same thing. That DDP Yoga, that is kick-ass cardio, and we prove it by wearing a heart monitor. It will dramatically increase your flexibility. It will strengthen your core like never before, all with minimal joint impact.

In less than three months of doing what would become DDP Yoga I was back in the ring. At 42 years old, the doctor said my career’s over. At 43, I was the Heavyweight Champ of the world. I would go on to wrestle, on and off, until I was 49 years old before I finally retired. The only way, the only reason that was ever possible was because of DDP Yoga. It’s all about holding back the hands of time. Obviously, I’m going to make that part of my lifestyle. I wrote a book on it, “Yoga for Regular Guys”. Then I developed a DVD series, which turned into another DVD series, which turned into our app, which is out there right now, which is right there at your fingertips, DDP Yoga Now. The benefits of the people that I’ve helped … A lot of people call me a karma millionaire. That’s pretty cool.

Amy:                     I have to tell you, I’m an early adopter of DDP Yoga. I saw the video, which is famous now, about Arthur back in, I think, 2012 or 2013. It brought me to tears. I remember posting about it on PCOS Diva, and I immediately bought the tapes. I’ve been using them. Now you have this fabulous new app out that really makes it even easier to do DDP Yoga. Then I recently just saw another truly inspirational video about Jared. I knew I had to reach out to you, because I really wanted you to bring your message of DDP Yoga to PCOS Diva. Because I think a lot of what your success stories show that people who are very overweight, that have lost a lot of mobility or have joint issues, that they can overcome all of that with your program. A lot of women with PCOS are dealing with chronic inflammation, weight issues, and it makes it hard to do high-impact exercise. I want everybody to know that there are alternatives, like DDP Yoga, out there. Maybe you could speak to the success stories, and what you think is that magic formula of DDP Yoga.

Dallas:                   I’ve got to tell you the story of Jared. We just recently did a movie called The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. It’s out on iTunes right now. We are in the top five of sports movies on iTunes, and the top, sometimes, one or two of documentaries. We’re easily top 10. Again, we’re not a big studio. This is my company that made this video about these two wrestlers that I turned their life around. Jake was booze, pills, coke, crack. Scott was booze and pills and the journey we went on. If you hate wrestling, but you have somewhat … It’s not about wrestling. It just happened to be three guys that were wrestlers. This story is so heartfelt if there’s someone in your life with an addiction. A lot of people are addicted to food. I’m talking about any addiction. You need to watch that movie.

My point was, we were in Park City last year at this time at Sundance Film Festival with the movie The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. After our first showing, this gentleman walks up to me. He’s about six foot. He’s about 330 pounds, at the time. He starts telling me how much he loves the DDP Yoga program, how it’s changed his life. He’s a big guy. He goes, “I lost 190 pounds in eight months.” I said, “How much?” I thought, is he lying to me? Is he exaggerating just a bit? 190 pounds in eight months. I said to my wife, “Brenda,” I said, “Brenda, did you hear that?” Brenda walks up. She goes, “Did you say you said you lost 160 pounds in 10 months?” She was just trying to throw him off. Serious as a heart attack, he said, “Oh no. I lost 190 pounds in eight months.”

I have this online community, it’s called Team DDP Yoga. It’s at Anybody can go there and join. We have over 65,000 people who are on that site. They talk to each other all the time, and help and inspire each other. It was a way that I didn’t have to just hit one person, one person, one person. I could hit one person, and they could hit three, and then they could hit three, and they could help each other, because my whole thing is if I help you, you help others. I said, “Did you join Team DDP Yoga?” He said, “Yes, I did.” I look up at the clouds and I went, God, please let him say yes here. I said, “Is there any chance you took those six pictures?” He said, “No.” He said, “I didn’t take the pictures, I videoed them.”

I go, “You videoed them? While you were getting into six positions?” Because the positions are about physiology, flexibility, and core strength. You can see where you start. This guy was starting at 510 pounds. You want to talk about some of the things, they got to climb Mount Everest to even think about trying, and just turning 40 years old. I said, “Did you take the pictures?” He said, “No, I videoed them.” I went, “Oh my God, that must be amazing.” Over the next, I guess it was a total of 17 months, so it would have been next nine more months, he would get down to his goal weight of 197. He lost 313 pounds in 17 and a half months.

I put him in my new videos, my new workouts that I’m doing. I just showed you, right before the show, how I’m getting ready to start another workout, I call it Fat Burner 2.0. As I’m walking by myself towards the camera, I’m saying, “There are a lot of these fitness companies, they use fitness models in their workouts. At DDP Yoga we have a different philosophy. We like to use the people who had success with DDPY so we can bring them into the workouts, like these people.” We show Jared when he’s 510. The woman behind him, when she starts, she’s about 220, 230. The guy across from her, he’s 350. That’s her husband. The girl in front, she’s about, I’m not sure what her weight was, but she was 60 pounds.

You watch the girl in front, her name is Christina, and she is such an inspiration. She runs our DDP Yoga Performance Center here, in Smyrna, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. She’s 6’1″. I go, “But they don’t look like that anymore.” All of them are big. I go, “They look more like this,” and then they morph right in front of your eyes. Christina loses 60 pounds. The guy behind her, Matt, he loses 140 pounds. His wife across loses 80 pounds. Jared loses 313 pounds, for a total of 605 pounds on one stage, gone. Then we start the workout with, “If they could do this, what could you do?” The biggest thing, Amy, this workout was never about weight loss. It was about healing my body and alleviating pain.

It sounds like a lot of women who follow this journey are in a lot of pain because of the inflammation. You can’t do a high-impact workout. You can’t do P90X. You can’t even think about Insanity. Crossfit, don’t even look at the building as you’re driving by. You can’t even think about it. Something like DDP Yoga …

Amy:                     Excuse me, Dallas. The other thing I wanted to mention, too, when you were talking about inflammation and pain, and we can’t look at Crossfit. I know I bought the, what is it, T25, and it nearly killed me and my back. I think, also, too, women with PCOS have elevated levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. I have to be very careful about my workouts, because certain workouts, for me Crossfit, I think it stresses out my adrenals and causes more cortisol issues. Workouts like DDPY, I’m not experiencing that same adrenal burnout. I don’t feel exhausted after one of your workouts. I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, revived, which is, I think, how you really want to feel after you’ve exercised. You want to feel better.

Dallas:                   One of the things, I saw this when I was a kid and I never forgot it. It was when I was 21. I was living in San Francisco at the time. I saw this doctor. He grabbed my attention, because he had this really cool Fu Manchu. He had long hair. I was in San Francisco at the time. He’s got the fringe jacket, so he’s automatically got my attention. He’s a doctor. He’s talking about stretching. He said that any time you stretch the blood has to race to that muscle. That’s what happens. It oxidizes your blood. Again, this is the wrestler talking. The doctor can explain it way better. The bottom line is, it’s oxygen rushing to your muscles.

Now when I use a heart monitor, when I’m using my workout, I encourage everyone to do so. What’s always really funny for me, people go, “I don’t really need the heart monitor. I know where my body’s at.” The minute they put a heart monitor on and they see where they are, it’s like driving a car without a speedometer when you’re working out and you don’t know where your heart rate’s at, especially when you’re over 40 years old. You need to know where your heart rate’s at, because if you get to the end of the workout and your heart rate has been jacked up, you’re going to feel exhausted. You’re going to feel like, oh my God, that killed me. I don’t want you to do that.

Any time I’m doing one of my workouts, unless it’s my advanced stuff, which tomorrow I’m doing a live workout that’s coming over the app, because we do live workouts from the DDP Yoga Performance Center in Smyrna, Georgia. We do live workouts, quite a few a month, at least four or five a month. This one I’ll do on Wednesday, that will be a advanced psycho workout. It will be a high-end cardio … It will be a really challenging workout. The one I do at 9:00 in the morning, that will go on the East Coast at 9:00, around the world, that one will be all levels. There’s always someone modifying the position. When I’m doing the workouts I am constantly saying, “Look at your heart rate.”

If it’s too high, step in. If you’re getting tired, step in, lower to a knee. Make the DDPY your own. Don’t worry about what someone’s doing up here on stage, or someone’s doing in the crowd. Focus on where you’re at and make the workout your own. That’s the biggest thing that I’ve gotten back from so many men and women, giving them permission to do it at their own pace. I think that’s pivotal, especially when you’re dealing with pain.

Amy:                     I always say, “Progress, not perfection.” I think that we don’t have to look like, like you said, those perfect fitness models. You have to make it your own. I think that’s such a great takeaway. The other thing I love about you, Dallas, is your positive energy. It really comes forth in everything that you do. One of my key fundamentals of being a diva is a diva is powerfully positive. You have to stay in that positive frame of mind. I know it’s hard when you’re dealing with a chronic illness and pain to do that, but I think you see it in your success stories that there’s something. Like you said, this isn’t about the weight loss. It’s about gaining something more. I think that the weight loss becomes a byproduct of bringing balance back into your life. I don’t know if you would agree with that.

Dallas:                   I absolutely. Yoga means balance, more than anything. It means a lot of things, but it definitely means balance. The biggest thing that I’ve found is a lot of people are like, “I can’t do that.” I’ve got a guy who was 681 pounds up in Anchorage, Alaska. He just started filming his video. He took the six pictures. He couldn’t do anything. Next thing you know, he’s filming his workouts and just blowing people away because of his determination. He uses his couch to get down and his couch to get back up.

On the new DDP Yoga workouts, because I just redid all of my DVDs. Now I call them 2.0. The fat burner, the energy, I try to make those beginning workouts 20, 25 minutes in the beginning. You build up to longer and more complicated workouts, but you start out easy. More than anything, you start with the Diamond Dozen so you can break down how to do the moves. That, in the Diamond Dozen, it’s like a tutorial so that I show you exactly how to do everything and how to modify it. When it gets to the spot, you can see the modifier when we’re working out, because that’s something they never had when I started doing this. I had to figure that out, because I needed to modify the positions.

On the new DDP Yoga workouts, I’ve also got DDPY for kids. I’ve got three workouts, a 20-minute, a 30-minute, and a 40-minute, and already I can’t believe how many kids are already doing the workout. I also have it for people who are beat up and they’re sore. I show you how to do the workout around a chair. I start you with two chairs, and then you go to one chair. I make it little clips, little six-, seven-minute clips, so you can see how to start to build up that strength, because that’s what a lot of people who are really beat up have to do. There’s so many different levels. I was telling you about the movie The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. One of the key lines in that movie, you just said it, is about progress, not perfection, getting another step forward.

I have never gotten off the mat thinking, wow, I wish I didn’t do that. Sometimes getting on the mat can be a challenge. A lot of times it can be. If you just get on it and start, “I’m going to stop at five minutes.” Fine. Just start. There’s a good chance you might stop at 15 or 20 minutes. It’s just getting there and making it part of your lifestyle. When you talk about the positive attitude, I wrote a book called Positively Page.

Amy:                     Really?

Dallas:                   It’s really all about surrounding yourself with positive energy. We become the five people that we hang out most with. If those people are negative, and always complaining, and never going to happen, you’re screwed. You’ve got to get away from those people. You’ve got to get with people who believe that anything is possible. I was the first person ever in professional wrestling to ice their body, ice their joints. If you’re sore after a workout, get one of those little ice bags with the little screw-on lids. If your knees bother you, put them on your knees. Wrap them up with Ace bandage, you’ll just lay there. I iced my knees, my back, my shoulder.

Everybody laughed at me in professional wrestling. They laughed at me when I said I was going to become a professional wrestler when I was 35. They laughed at me when I told them I was icing my body. They laughed at me when I started organic juicing 20 years ago, when no one even really knew about it. They laughed at me when I told them I was going gluten- and dairy-free. They laughed at me when I told them I’m not eating any more GMOs, genetically modified food. They laughed at me when I started doing yoga. They laughed at me when I created my own yoga and called it DDP Yoga. What I realized is that if someone’s laughing at me, I’m onto something.

I was at a school last night and I had 160 kids in the gymnasium with me. I spoke for a half an hour, and then we did DDP Yoga. At one point I asked these kids, “Do you know what GMO means?” 80% of them raised their hands. If I was to walk into a 160 adults, maybe 20 would have raised their hands. One of the things that I know you preach it, because it’s what works, you’ve got to get … The three biggest things that inflame our body, the three of the biggest, sugar, and that’s an addiction everyone has, pretty much, 99.9% of the people on the planet. We consume more sugar in this country times 10 than any other country. Sugar, wheat, and dairy. Those three things, right there, super cause inflammation in your body.

I have been gluten- and dairy-free. I help so many people. You want to talk about losing weight, get off genetically modified foods and be aware of what you’re eating, or at least cut back. When I talked to Arthur Boorman, the disabled veteran, the guy that has moved more people to action than probably anybody I know, when I started working with him, he was a vegan. I knew he ate wheat and dairy. I was like, “Dude, you’ve got to eliminate … If you want me to work with you, you’ve got to eliminate the wheat and dairy, and you need to do food combining.” Because I knew that for him, when he needed to get that weight off his knees, he was 5’6″, 297 pounds. His only goal coming in …

When he had written me, he had written to me that he was a disabled vet, that he was morbidly obese, and he had relegated to thinking of himself as a piece of furniture. He had been walking around with those knee braces, and the back brace, and the canes for 15 years. I didn’t know at the time, every single morning his wife, Vicky, would put on his sleeves on his legs, put on his knee braces, put the sleeves over the knee braces, then connect the knee braces to the back brace. It took 20 minutes every single morning. Then he’d grab what he called his cuffs, those canes, and start walking to breakfast, or the restroom, or whatever. That’s how he started his day. The doctors told him he had to lose 50 pounds before they’d operate on his knees, because that was the most shot, his knees and his hips and his back.

He was a paratrooper. Those paratroopers, they’re not hang gliding. They’re not sports jumping. They are dropping 10 to 15 feet a second. Think about that. Just look up at your ceiling. It’s not 10 or 15 feet, it’s probably eight or nine. They drop higher than that, boom, right to the ground, 10 to 15 feet a second. If you’ve had over 20, 30 jumps when you’re a young man, by the time you get in your 40s you’re pretty much screwed up pretty badly. Arthur had over 500 jumps. His body was completely ruined, permanently disabled. When I sent him my phase three eating plan, this is the one for health. I really push if you want to do paleo, do paleo, because paleo is pretty close to genetically modified-free all the way around. It’s pretty close to it.

I try to push people to watch movies like Food Inc., Genetic Roulette, GMO OMG, Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. We’re never going to see these movies on TV, because what will the sponsors, Coca Cola, Kelloggs, Burger King, Taco Bell, they can’t sponsor it because they’re going to say, “Look how bad this … This is garbage. It’s going to cause so much inflammation in your body.” When you get the food in your brain, what you want, you can’t make me eat that. I will eat nothing, because I know how my body will feel. I am three months from 60 right now. When I was working out with these guys and I was lowering into my push-up, some people don’t go up and down in a push-up. I said, “Stay up here. Stay up in plank. Lower your knees if you need to.” I make it so easy for the people who need that.

For the people who want it challenging, I show them how they can challenge themselves as well. When I lower into that push-up and I’m holding three inches off the ground, I kick my feet up in the air at 6’4″, 225 pounds, and do what I call psycho push-ups. I only do one set, but I can do one, two, three, four, five, and then I come down. The students are like, “Oh my god, what is he doing?” Again, 60 years old, my body feels so good, and I beat it up in the wrestling ring from 35 to 49. When I talked to Arthur Boorman about him wanting to lose … He wanted to lose 50 pounds. I said, “Dude, do this phase three eating plan. Get off the GMOs. I promise you the weight will start to fall off.” Never knowing how much would actually happen, would fall off, with him.

He lost 34 pounds the first month. He lost 22 pounds the second month. He lost 18 pounds the third month. That’s 74 pounds. In 10 months he would lose 140 pounds. More importantly, he would lose the knee braces, the back brace, and those wraparound canes, not just to walk, but to run. More importantly, he’s never had those knee operations. Think about that.

Amy:                     He reclaimed his life, which is just wonderful.

Dallas:                   Absolutely.

Amy:                     I’m going to post that picture of that, or the link to the video, because it truly is inspirational, what food, the right food, and the right movement can do for you.

Dallas:                   It’s really not that hard. Eight years ago, when I started to be completely GMO-free and gluten-free and dairy-free, it was really challenging, really challenging. One of the things, because there’s so many great products out there right now, and they taste great. That’s one of the things on my DDP Yoga Now app, which anybody can get for free. If you’re doing any kind of a workout, and I mean just walking, you want to get DDP Yoga Now. Go in your iTunes, whether it’s your iTunes or Google Play, Droid. I built it on the iPhone, the iPad, the Droid, the tablet, and the computer. It’s everywhere for you. We track everything.

It’s so important, if you’re going to start this journey, it is so important to take pictures. Again, on DDP Yoga Now, it’s in our tracking system. We show you how to take your pictures. If it’s your phone or your iPad, you’ve got a camera right in it, so there’s no reason not to take your pictures. I show you exactly how to take the six pictures. I show you exactly where the measurements go, and it’s built in. Track your weight. Track your measurements. Track your pain. If you go to a chiropractor, they have circles on the shoulders, knees, hips, back, so you can put where is your pain at. We have that built into DDP Yoga Now, our app.

We’ve also got built-in blood pressure, we’ve got blood sugar, and we’ve got A1C for all about diabetics to be able to track your progress. Because if you’re doing the program, if you’re doing DDPY, you’re going to get results not just physically, but you’re going to start to get success mentally, because you’re going to be getting these wins. You might be thinking, I don’t look that much different than I did 60 days ago. Then you go back and you look at your day one pictures and you put it right next to where you are today. You’re like, whoa, yeah I do.

Amy:                     I was just going to say, I really love that whole idea of tracking not just your weight, but all of these other measurements of health, because women with PCOS tend to have a really hard time losing weight. You know what? You might be losing inches. Like you said, your A1C may be going down. Your blood pressure is becoming more regulated. All of these factors that really play almost a more important role than the weight, because with DDP Yoga you’re going to be gaining muscle, and we know that muscle weighs more than fat, too.

Dallas:                   A lot. A lot more. A lot more.

Amy:                     Things might be shifting, but you may not see it on the scale. I often tell women to throw the scale away, because you don’t want to use that to dictate how you’re going to feel about yourself for the day. Taking these other measurements-

Dallas:                   That’s pivotal.

Amy:                     It puts things in perspective.

Dallas:                   That’s pivotal. That’s pivotal. Even when it comes to weighing yourself, weigh yourself in the beginning and then leave it alone. I encourage people to once a month. Especially with women, because you’re going through time cycles, and all of that, you don’t want to think, oh my God, I lost two pounds, or I lost a pound. I lost another pound. I didn’t lose anything today, this week, or whatever. That’s why you want to do it one day a month, every month, or not do it at all. Definitely do your measurements. Have you seen the Stacey Morris video? Have you seen that one?

Amy:                     No, I haven’t.

Dallas:                   Or Christina? I’m going to send you both of those, because they, especially when we’re dealing with … It’s not just men I’m helping. I’m helping a lot of women, too. What’s really cool, most everybody I’ve always helped, they’ve lived all over the world. Now, having the DDP Yoga Performance Center right here, in Smyrna, I’m less than a mile from my place, I’ve got people who are haven’t lost weight in 20 years, now, because they’re not just doing the workouts at the performance center if they can’t, they’re doing the workouts at home. I don’t really know a program that you can do at a place and be a part of a community, and then you could come home and still be a part of the community, whether it’s online, but the workout’s there. If you wanted to make that live workout but you’re running late, I’m home, let me turn it on on my phone and plug it into my TV and boom, I’ve got it. It’s really cool watching all these people change their lives.

Amy:                     Really, I cannot wait to start using the app. Thank you for turning me on to that. It looks fantastic. For women who this podcast has resonated with you and you really want to try DDP Yoga, Dallas has this fantastic new app. Can you also get the videos? Are those still available?

Dallas:                   Yeah. There are all new ones, as well. Everything’s at How we do that is anybody who gets the DVDs, we give them three months of the app, because that’s a subscription-based app. The part I’m saying about just go and load it down, that part’s free. We do give samples on there so you can see exactly what we’re doing, but you can still track everything. The custom part with the workouts, in the right-hand corner you’ll see custom. You click custom. You do that when you’re going to go for a walk, or maybe you’re going to do … I don’t know. Whatever activity you’re going to do, and you want to track your progress, you can put that in. Your heart monitor, it beeps right into the workout. It tracks calories burned, and it will track your heart rate and where you were in the zone.

Again, that’s why if you don’t over-train, that’s the biggest use of the heart monitor. You don’t want to over-train. You don’t want to under-train, either, but you really don’t want to over-train. That’s what makes it all accessible. is you can get the DVDs and you can get the … It’s amazing how many, because people are moved to action by our stories. When you look at the Arthur video, when you look at the Jared video, when you look at the Stacey Morris, you’ll never even see DDP Yoga, because they’re not commercials. They’re inspiring. They inspire people. Our YouTube on Jared has over a million hits. Our Jared on Facebook has over 20 million hits. Arthur is more than that.

Amy:                     Before we got on the phone, I was telling you how much I like your authenticity and the fact that you are so passionate about this. It just comes across in a very authentic way. I’m very particular about the products and programs that I endorse for women with PCOS, but I feel very confident. It’s a real pleasure to be able to have you on the program and to be able to share your message with my community, because I think we’re very much aligned in how we go out, I guess, our approach to health and wellness. Thank you so much, Dallas, for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to share your gifts with us today.

Dallas:                   Thank you. I appreciate that. Anybody out there who … Don’t even listen to a word I said. Just go on Facebook, go on Facebook, and you’ll see a DDP Yoga, it’s a members only group. It’s all one word, D-D-P-Y-O-G-A. Just go on there and hit the like, and then they’re going to accept you. When you go in there, read what people write. I can’t even keep up with it. At Twitter, if you’re Twitter followers, @DDPYoga or @RealDDP, it’s mind-boggling. When I would be out there wrestling I would have 20,000 chanting, “DDP! DDP! DDP!” You can’t make people do that. They have to be moved to action to do that. It’s the same thing on the internet.

On our DDP Yoga Now app we’ve got a ridiculous amount of five-star ratings. I think that’s all we have. Last time I looked, there was nothing other than a five-star rating. You can’t make people do that and write about it. On our movie, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, we had 210 five-star ratings with 178 comments talking about it before we got our first four-star. That, to me, you can’t make people do that. They’ve got to be moved to action. Amy, it was a pleasure talking to you tonight. Please, let’s do it again, and come back again after you’ve got on the app. Maybe you can bring on some of your people and we’ll talk to them, or something.

Amy:                     That sounds great. Thank you, everyone, for listening. If you enjoyed this podcast, it’s available on iTunes, and you can subscribe to receive future podcasts. I have some really wonderful guests lined up for the next couple months. We’re going to be talking to fertility experts. I’m going to be talking to one of my favorite experts on personal growth and learning to love yourself just where you are. Her name is Rosie Molinary. Lots to look forward to coming up, so please subscribe. Thanks again for your time. I look forward to being with you again soon. Bye-bye.

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  1. Thank you so much for this interview. My husband and I purchased this program for his back. SO excited to get started. I struggle terribly with my PCOS and T2D. Love your site!!!