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PCOS Success Story: Heather

PCOS Success StoryShared with permission.

Thank you, Heather. You inspire me!

“All my life I have struggled with my body issues. I was skinny as a twig until I hit puberty, and then everything went downhill fast! I gained weight in my stomach, my periods were abnormal and heavy, and my energy was zero.

In my late teens, teen my doctor brushed it off as me being overweight and put me on birth control which I stayed on for years. That was a nightmare!

After several failed birth control products, my husband and I ended up with 3 beautiful kids. Though I have a beautiful family, my periods were still never regular, my belly only got worse, and my headaches were so bad I ended up passing out while home with my kids, leaving my oldest to call 911 to rush me to the ER (my hero!). The doctors found nothing wrong with me and sent me home, still puking with no answers.

PCOS supplement guideLast Christmas. I added the Flo app on my phone to keep track of my periods. As I started logging, the app told me to see a doctor about PCOS. I had never heard of it. I didn’t think much of it until I took my kids to Barnes and Noble. That is where I stumbled across your book, Healing PCOS.

I took it home and once I started reading it, I felt like a floodgate had opened! I highlighted half the book of things that fit my experiences! In January, I started my journey. I followed the foods to eat/avoid, the vitamin suggestions, the exercise, everything. I added an app to log my food/exercise/measurements and a fitness app to get me in shape.

In 4 months’ time, I have lost 50lbs, 9 inches off my chest, 15 inches off my waist, and 11 inches off my hips! I have more energy every single day. I went from looking 9 months pregnant to fitting into clothing sizes I haven’t worn since middle school!

I made a series of doctor appointments (with a different doc) and was not only diagnosed with PCOS, but I also found out I have a non-cancerous tumor on my uterus. I found out the fainting/headache spells were from my blood sugar and my ever-growing belly was from all the foods my body couldn’t tolerate.

Your book and your advice saved my life!! I can’t thank you enough! THANK YOU!!”


Start your journey at www.PCOSDiva.com or with my book, Healing PCOS

JumpstartAmy Medling Fall 2017Amy Medling, best-selling author of Healing PCOS and certified health coach, specializes in working with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), who are frustrated and have lost all hope when the only solution their doctors offer is to lose weight, take a pill, and live with their symptoms. In response, Amy founded PCOS Diva and developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet, and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their PCOS and regain their fertility, femininity, health, and happiness. 

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