Pearls: A PCOS Documentary - PCOS Diva
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Pearls: A PCOS Documentary

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Cliff and Amy Medling

I was recently asked by Sapphire Jackson, the writer and director of Pearls: A Documentary Series about PCOS to participate in her project. I was happy to and invited Sapphire and her production team to my home. I shared my thoughts on thriving with PCOS and my husband even weighed in. He coined the term, “PCOS Diva” and shared what it was like to live with me prior to taking on my PCOS and health (it wasn’t easy!).   I asked Sapphire to explain a little bit about her project.

“This project will explain what PCOS is and how it affects woman all over the world. This will not be an ordinary documentary because we will be searching for answers that have been lingering for years about PCOS. Thats right! Your questions will be answered and after watching this documentary you will no longer have to ask why did this happen to me? Now that I have accepted the fact that I have PCOS what do I do now? Do I take medicines? Will I have children and if I do will they have PCOS? Why am I so depressed?

Throughout this documentary you will hear stories of women who have PCOS and what they encounter with this syndrome. You will also get advice from experts who have study PCOS for many years from a medical and holistic standpoint. Tips will be given on how to live a peaceful and healthier lifestyle with PCOS. There is so much you can gain from this project even if you do not have PCOS because it will help you understand the symptoms your family member or friend might encounter if they have PCOS.”

If you would like to support  Pearls: A Documentary Series about PCOS, or want more information about the project please visit or email


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