10 - A Conversation with a PCOS Practitioner – Dr. Katherine Sherif - PCOS Diva
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10 – A Conversation with a PCOS Practitioner – Dr. Katherine Sherif

It isn’t often that I hear rave reviews about a PCOS practitioner.  I certainly hear lots of horror stories, so when I repeatedly hear wonderful things about a doctor who has a wonderful bedside manner, and treats her PCOS patients with kindness and respect, I have to take notice.

For the past several years, I kept hearing great things about Dr. Katherine Sherif, so I invited her to join me on a PCOS Diva Podcast.

Katherine Sherif, M.D. is Professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  She is also Director of Jefferson Women’s Primary Care.

Dr. Sherif, an internist, became interested in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in the 1990’s when she was studying insulin resistance.  She started treating women with PCOS and in 2000, she established the country’s first academic program for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Besides PCOS, Dr. Sherif interests include menopause and hormone therapy, omega-3 fatty acids heart disease in women.  She published a textbook on women’s health in 2008, and a medical handbook on hormone replacement therapy in 2013.

In the podcast below, Dr. Sherif walks us through typical visit with one of her PCOS patients.  She also shares her thoughts on fatty liver and using supplements to manage PCOS.  You’ll want a pen and paper ready to take notes!

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