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109 – The Magic, All-Natural “Mood Boosting” Pill

“The most transformative thing that you and I and everybody else in the world can do for our brain health is exercise. It ignites all the key neurotransmitters in our brain. These neurotransmitters are related to our depression, to our sense of accomplishment, to our concentration, to our focus.” – Maria Hortsmann

60% of women with PCOS have some mood-related disorder. Maria Hortsmann has your magic pill – exercise. Before you roll your eyes and move on, listen as she explains the neurological connection between your movement and neurological activity. She offers straight forward advice about getting and staying motivated, and how to ignite the power of your hormones and neurotransmitters to combat depression, anxiety, and more.

  • Why you resist exercise and how to overcome it
  • Exercise to mood/ mental health connection
  • Best activities to kind of achieve mental health benefit
  • Best use of anti-depressants
  • Overcoming gym anxiety (and whether you need a gym at all)

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