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111- The Most Common Mistakes with PCOS

Acupuncture is really helpful. It brings the body back into balance without forcing it. That’s the beauty of it. I really like having an approach that does not have side effects and that can actually work with your body instead of against it. – Dr. Farrar Duro

I admit, acupuncture was one of my last resort therapies when I was really struggling with PCOS. I had tried countless pharmaceuticals and diets, but when I went to acupuncture, I saw a real difference. Dr. Farrar Duro practices reproductive acupuncture and shares some of the most common mistakes women make when living with PCOS. Tune in as we discuss those mistakes as well as:

  • What to ask your doctor about your labs and treatment options
  • The question to ask before you start any diet
  • How Chinese medicine and acupuncture can help PCOS symptoms
  • Resource for finding an acupuncturist

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