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116 – Overcome PCOS & Estrogen Dominance Naturally

PCOS Podcast 116 Overcome PCOS & Estrogen Dominance“I will tell you that amongst all the different hormonal imbalances that I’ve had, estrogen dominance is the easiest one to reverse.” – Magdalena Wszelaki

If you have PCOS and are estrogen dominant, you struggle with symptoms like acne, hair loss, hair growth, irregular cycles, irritability, storing fat around your hips and your thighs, thyroid nodules, estrogenic cancers, fibrocystic breasts, very sore or lumpy breasts, bloating, PMS, anovulation, mood swings, fibroids- the list goes on. Sound familiar?

Magdalena Wszelaki can help. She brings to life the idea of food as medicine and offers simple, real-world/real-food solutions to estrogen dominance and other hormonal imbalance issues. Estrogen imbalance plays a major role in PCOS, so this is a podcast episode not to be missed. Listen (or read the transcript below) as we discuss:

  • The reason estrogen dominance is common in women with PCOS
  • Symptoms and tests for measuring levels of estrogen (including DUTCH, estrogen metabolite, and saliva tests)
  • Impact of alcohol on estrogen
  • 3 simple things to do to clean up your gut microbiome & balance estrogen
  • The rock star food for reducing estrogen and more

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