12 - Treating PCOS- a 3-Legged Stool with Dr. Mark Perloe - PCOS Diva
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12 – Treating PCOS- a 3-Legged Stool with Dr. Mark Perloe

It is always a pleasure to speak with someone knowledgeable about PCOS, so I was excited to interview Dr.  Mark Perloe, an OBGYN and PCOS fertility expert.   He shared that PCOS is less about a woman’s ovaries and more about her insulin resistance.  His analogies of the way our bodies process insulin to a car engine and subway train rang true and made a complicated issue very accessible.  Listen as he explains why treating PCOS is a 3 legged stool involving your exercise, relationship with food and insulin sensitizers.  He offers practical advice on the most effective way to exercise to both lower insulin and lose weight, how to change your relationship with food, choose a doctor and what supplements to consider as well as his thoughts on PCOS and pregnancy.

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