128 - Master Your PCOS Genetics - PCOS Diva
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128 – Master Your PCOS Genetics

PCOS Podcast 128 - Master Your PCOS Genetics“Our genetics are definitely not defined and permanent, and there’s just so many things we can do that make a huge impact for our health and for our children’s health.”

– Dr. Fiona McCulloch


There is, without a doubt, a genetic component of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). But did you know that the latest research says there is something we can do about it? The field of epigenetics is growing fast, and we are learning to control how genetics behave and even how things are transmitted from generation to generation. Listen in (or read the transcript) as Dr. Fiona McCulloch and I discuss:

  • What is epigenetics?
  • Tips for changing how your genes are expressed
  • The profound impact of a father’s genetics & health on a child’s health
  • Why the 1 year before trying to conceive is a critical time
  • Importance of sleep and circadian rhythm, especially for women with PCOS
  • How late shift work impacts PCOS

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