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127 – PCOS Meal Planning with a Pro

“The place that women get really sidetracked on their healing journey is meal planning. As soon as you stop meal planning, things seem to just fall apart.” – Amy Medling, founder of PCOS Diva

I can’t stress enough that the more that you plan, the more that you get yourself prepared and organized, the more likely you are to succeed with your PCOS-friendly diet. You might initially feel uncomfortable because you’re just not used to being in the kitchen and preparing your food from scratch. But it’s going to make such a huge difference in the way that you feel and your PCOS symptoms, that you will begin to love it. And the best way to do that is to just get into the kitchen and start doing it!

In this podcast, I offer advice about meal planning including:

  • How to avoid being overwhelmed by the process
  • Where I get recipes and inspiration
  • My own planning process & tricks
  • Why I only plan dinners (& snacks)
  • How weeknight traditions take a lot of the planning out of meal planning
  • “Game changer” tips

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Mentioned in this podcast:

Amy Medling, best-selling author of Healing PCOS and certified health coach, specializes in working with women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), who are frustrated and have lost all hope when the only solution their doctors offer is to lose weight, take a pill, and live with their symptoms. In response, Amy founded PCOS Diva and developed a proven protocol of supplements, diet, and lifestyle programs that offer women tools to help gain control of their PCOS and regain their fertility, femininity, health, and happiness. 

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